A few Dunlop tires worth mentioning.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
As your Dunlop tire dealers, Tire Rack has over 70 different Dunlop car tires on the shelf. And while that may seem a bit intimidating to anyone wishing to buy Dunlop tires, rest assured we'll help you out. Starting with a few recommendations:

SP Sport Maxx TT (Max Performance Summer)
Gain enhanced feedback and driving precision, thanks to a motorsport-inspired tread compound that blends dry and wet road performance. Multi-Radius-Tread Technology distributes footprint pressure, which eases the transition between driving in a straight line and taking a corner.

SP Sport Signature H&V (High Performance All-Season)
For great performance throughout the year! The tread compound features a Dry Performance Sector that enhances steering and cornering, and a Wet Performance Sector with Hydro-Paddle Technology that moves water to minimize hydroplaning. And thanks to straight sipes across the entire footprint, winter traction is a given.

Signature CS (Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season, Light Truck/SUV)
Handling is predictable, ride is quiet and comfortable, and traction exists on wet and dry roads. Even in light snow. Evaqua Grooves help make this an all-season tire by evacuating water and slush from the tread. Internally, VersaLoad Technology maintains the shape of the tire's contact patch for consistent performance.

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