Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone RE970AS Pole Position

Monday, January 16, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole PositionReviewer's Overall Rating: 9.5

2003 Nissan 350Z Performance
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Miles driven on tires: 10000
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 10000 Miles on Tires
January 13, 2012

I use these tires in a staggered set up on my Nissan 350Z that I use as my daily driver. Even though it's my daily driver I still drive rather 'spirited'. I overtake regularly and drive back-roads on the weekends as if they're my personal track.

I basically have nothing but praise for these tires. In my neck of the woods it rains. A lot. Summer tires are almost worthless here because it only dries out for a a couple of months per year. That being said, these tires handle in water comparably to how my last set of tires handled on dry pavement. It is incredible the amount of traction these tires have in water. I honestly did not think this level of traction was physically possible. If you're looking for tires that handle well in the wet, I'd recommend these.

On the dry pavement they are quite good. The tires are not quite as responsive as my last set of tires, but they are still good. I have to be driving quite 'spirited' to notice though. The kind of corner I notice it on is in the mountains on winding roads, taking 25mph recommended corners at 60mph. Anything much less than that level of driving and I don't even notice it at all.

I haven't driven too much in ice and snow, but the little I have it has done pretty darn well.

In Summary: At the time of this review these are by far the best all-season tires that I have ever used.

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