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Monday, February 6, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Continental ExtremeContact DWSReviewer's Overall Rating: 6.75

2006 Acura TSX
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Miles driven on tires: 8000
Location: Richmond Hill, ON
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 8000 Miles on Tires
November 09, 2010

This is my second set of oversize (225/50-17) tires, but compared to the same-sized Yokohama S4 the Continental DWS has a lot less dry weather grip and sloppy corning manners. The taller sidewall really does not work; perhaps more than just the "soft sidewall", judging from other reports, the OEM 215/50-17 would have been a better choice.

Wet weather performance is better, but the DWS hydroplanes - something the S4s never did until they had 25,000 miles! The change between the S4 (a tire with no wet or snow traction, according to me) was so noticeable I added a larger rear sway bar, which got rid of much of the car's new-found understeer and the low-speed cornering tire squealing. Then I had an alignment, which help a bit, with balance, but there was still no real grip. A couple of months ago I replaced the shocks and springs (A-Spec) and THAT has changed the car a lot, but there is still not a lot of dry cornering grip; severe axle tramp (on moderately-normal starts) in the wet in 2nd gear is now gone.

Originally, driving on DWS tires on dry summer roads was like driving on snow tires in summer - sloppy, mushy, with no cornering grip - but generally predictable - and tire squealing when starting and stopping. Now that it's turned cold (30-50F), however, these tires have changed: it's easy to balance the car (yes, a new suspension helps), steering response is good, turn-in is OK,...everything seems to work: is that sidewall flex or tread compound, or both? And of course, when it's wet the roads are cooler too, which seems to help this tire perform.

The tire is, however, noticeably lighter than the S4; the car accelerates better, and I find myself downshifting a lot less on the highway, when needing to move through traffic.

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