Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS Reviewer's Overall Rating: 8.4

2009 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe with 5 Lug Wheels
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Miles driven on tires: 22000
Location: Clinton, NJ
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 22000 Miles on Tires
February 14, 2012

I purchased this tire after my Continental ContiSportContact2's wore out. You can definitely notice a significant decrease in cornering and steering responsiveness from the ContiSport2's. During quick-turn maneuvers and sweeping turns, you can feel the tires rolling laterally, but that's what I expected out of an all-season tire. Dry traction is fine and so is wet traction. During quick take-offs, the tires do break loose a bit easier if you're not careful (especially while making tight turns). They do more-so in wet conditions, but braking and hydroplane resistance is exceptional. If you rotate your tires regularly, these tires will last a very long time. I'm at 22,000mi so far on these tires and I'm just starting to see the "W" in the tread disappear. I've had it out in snow a few times and as long as you're careful, these tires will not disappoint. I've done 45mph on unplowed back roads (approx 1-2in of snow) and stability and braking are actually surprisingly well. Don't expect to go through any turns at those speeds though, even on a dedicated winter tire. I mainly got these tires for the cold winters of the northeast US, and during the cold spells of 32 degrees and below, the tire still has outstanding grip to the road. Every now and then, depending on the road surface, this tire hums. It's not obnoxious, though. I would definitely purchase again, especially if you're dealing with mixed conditions like snow and rain.

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