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Monday, January 23, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Pirelli PZero RFTReviewer's Overall Rating: 9.33

2008 Mini Cooper S
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Miles driven on tires: 11500
Location: Peoia, AZ
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 11500 Miles on Tires
January 10, 2012

When you are limited to RFT Tires, you really don't have much choice. I live in AZ where we see maybe 10 days of rain a year. My P-Zeros RFT's are 'simply without equal' as long as you have 'dry or slightly wet' roads. Naturally the MINI COOPER S is built to handle 'very well'. To that, I have made some 'upgrades' to the 'overall performance' of the car. I admit that I 'love driving fast' and when you make 'quick cuts' around 'slow moving traffic' at 'high speeds', you don't have time to wonder if your tires are 'up to the task'. Fortuantely the P-Zero's can easily and without any hesitation go where I point the car. Sometimes with maybe a 'foot or two' clearance when I change lanes at 80+ MPH. Wear is about what you would expect. The outer part wears faster than the middle of inner part of the tire.
I've driven Bridgestones as well and they are also 'very good', but the Perilli still does the job 'better'! Road noise is 'nil' Comfort? Well, Mini's don't have 'suspension' that 'comforts out' every bump in the road, but for the 'superior handling of the MINI, that is 'more than acceptable'. I wouldn't hesitate to get these tires again! Just 'Remember'. These are Ultra High Performance Summer Only Tires. I live very near Phoenix so there is 'never a chance of much rain'. If you live in a place where it does rain somewhat often, these may not be the tire you're looking for.
In AZ, they are TOPS!

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