Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (W-Speed Rated)

Friday, June 22, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (W-Speed Rated)Reviewer's Overall Rating: 8.25

2002 Nissan Maxima SE
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Miles driven on tires: 6,000
Location: Medford, MA
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 6,000 Miles on Tires
September 21, 2010

I have another Nissan Maxima that is lowered with adjustable shocks (Illuminas), Falken tires and for this reason, is completely awesome on the highway even when taking turns, rides in the city can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. I mention this for perspective- my 02 is pretty much bone stock with the exception of replacement Tokiko shocks (Blues). I needed to replace the original Michelin's (which I loved but could not justify the price) and picked these up for the Spring, Summer, Fall (I have a set of Winter tires that I use).

So far I am very satisfied with these tires, I’ve been through heavy rain and purposely gunned it to test the traction and never did I feel myself hydroplaning. I have tried to break the tires loose in dry weather and nothing; you have to get that pedal on very close to the floor to get anywhere near loose- no fan fare, the tire just grips and goes. The only thing, which is not really an issue since the perfect tire hasn’t been invented yet, is that the sidewall is a little stiff so if you're driving around the city on roads that aren’t perfect, you'll feel those imperfections. I actually had one tire replaced under warranty after I hit a large pothole in the rain at 60 about mph. Also on the highway, when making sudden lane changes, it feels a tad soft BUT this is probably because my other car drives like its on rails due to the aforementioned modifications. I’ve had no concerns about making a lane change at 75-80 mph. Put another way, I wouldn’t drive this car the way I drive the stock Avalon or Altima that’s in the family.

In summary, apart from wishing it were a tad more comfortable around the city, I COULDN’T be happier. The tire has so far met every need that I had- great dry/wet traction, good steering response. I will update the review when I get some more miles on the tires.

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