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Friday, May 25, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3Reviewer's Overall Rating: 8.18

2008 Honda Civic Sedan
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Miles driven on tires: 7,000
Location: San Francisco, CA
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 7,000 Miles on Tires
May 08, 2012

I live in the city and prefer to drive to the mountains for snowsports. Since I don't live in the mountains, a Q-rated tire did not make sense to use when 85% of the drive is not on snowy roads. Also, I did not wish to remove my dedicated snow wheels and tires each time after a trip. The H-Rated Primacy Alpin PA3 perfectly fit its intended use. Their snow grip has been superior to standard M+S tires I've used in the past. I've yet to slip in light snow conditions. Since my car is front-wheel drive and not 4-wheel drive, I've yet to experience non-chain, deep snow conditions on the road. I can report that the non-drive rear wheels stick very well in such conditions between 20-30 mph up and down twisty mountain roads. On wet highway roads, I can remember briefly hydroplaning only once at the bottom of a small grade during a torrential rainstorm while driving along at 60 mph. I've left the set of tires on the car from the late November to early May and have discovered that they perform on dry roads much better than the OEM tires that were previously on my car (Goodyear Eagle RS-A) without the benefit of the lighter alloy wheels (the Primacy Alpins are mounted on steel wheels) There is much less squeal around corners and the tire wear has been minimal thus far. . My hope is that they will last for 4-5 more winters as I rotate every November and May with the V-rated Michelin Pilot Exaltos A/S tires.

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