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Thursday, April 12, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Kumho Solus KR21Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.75

2004 Toyota Camry LE
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Miles driven on tires: 85,000
Location: Montgomery, AL
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 85,000 Miles on Tires
April 02, 2012

Hello Everyone...I assume that you are shopping for tires. I am not one that usually writes a review, but I am an avid reader of reviews, particularly when I am shopping for something. However, I writing this review to share my experience with the Kumho KR21 "New Set" of tires that I purchased from Tire Rack. I am so impressed with this tire...SO SO SO impressed! So impressed that I am writing a review! LOL! I was running the Michelin Hydro-Edge tire on my 2004 Camry, but have not been happy with this tire for some time. So I purchased just 2 Bridgestone tires half-way through the life of the Michelin's and the Bridgestone tires wore out before the already worn Michelin's. Believe it or not, but I had hydro-plane issues with the Michelin tire (Hydro-Edge); supposed to be design to handle wet conditions, but I disagree to the utmost. In short, the Kumho KR 21 has personality; it has style; it sits high and rides smooth and quiet. It grips the road tightly and waits for your next command! I have been ranting and raving in the office about a new set of tires...everyone around me says, well it's a new set of tires, they are suppose to ride like that. To the contrary, all new tires don't ride as smooth as this tire. I've bought Michelin for years, and Bridgestone tires, but never felt this strong about any one brand. But now, I am a fan of Kumho. I am a fan of the Kumho KR21! This tire has changed the way that my car sits and ride. I got a great price on the tire at Tire Rack ($299) for four, before shipping...shipping was only $50. That's amazing! Locally, they were charging every bit of $600 plus, before the alignment. So I saved alot of money buying my Kumho KR 21's with Tire Rack, and I hope my review gives you some insight and piece of mind about your buying experience. By the way, Tire Rack.com, if you all have an incentive program for referrals, email me, I have a ton of people that I will personally send to your website. Have A Great Day!--Ken

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