Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Thursday, June 26, 2014 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.38

2012 Volkswagen GTI
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Miles driven on tires: 2,000
Location: Binghamton, NY
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 2,000 Miles on Tires
May 14, 2014

I bought these tires because they come as stock OEM tires on a Cayman/Cayman S/Carrera and after reading reviews about the praise given to these cars, I figured the tires might be a big contributing factor. I drive 80-85% on the highway and the rest on back roads or city driving. The softer sidewall make this an amazing highway tire, that rides great, and is quiet at temperatures above 50F. On cold mornings (40F-50F), the tires can feel a little rough and noisy but once they warm up, they are great. When up to temperature, I think they grip as well as the top summer tires...however the softer sidewall does reduce (slightly) the cornering stability and steering feel. I am willing to accept that trade-off for a comfortable daily ride. My FWD car has about 205 whp(w/ mods)and these tires don't spin at all under full throttle. After 2000 miles the front tires show .5mm of wear while the rears measure like new tread depth (10.5mm). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these tires for someone looking for a summer tire that drives mostly on the highway.

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