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Thursday, January 31, 2013 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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General Grabber HTS Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.14

2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4wd
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Miles driven on tires: 12,000
Location: Seattle, WA
Driving Condition: Easy Going

Initial Review, 12,000 Miles on Tires
December 29, 2012

The General are great tires for wet NW, performs great last week crossing I90 Snoqualmie Pass to I97 Blewett Pass, a 780 mile trek in ice snow blizzard condition, from Seattle to Wenatchee and back, across the Cascade Mountains. Highway 2 was completely closed due to avalanche and huge trees blocking. With 9" snow fall that night and 21F temp at mile 47 many cars and trucks could not traverse the road. Many 4x4 spinning all 4 going nowhere, trucks with chains spinning at 5-10 mph, many two wheel drivers going up skiing were in the ditch, but the General kept going without losing traction or use of chains at 25-35 mph. I easily drove around a group of 4x4 trucks and commercial trucks in chains spinning out in front of me on an off camber turn. The 07 Expedition has Electronic Active Stability Control RSC, 4x4 and General Grabber HTS . I can see the Skid control light up on my dash but could not feel the vehicle losing traction or sliding. When I got to Eastern Washington, I tested the car in an empty parking lot to determine how much traction I had before the vehicle spinout, it took a lot of ham fisted driving at over 30-35 mph in 2-3" snow and ice before the car spinout, at 15-20 mph the electronic skid control would kick in and prevent the car from skidding even in turning braking maneuver. Amazing Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 4x4, RSC Active Skid Control and General Grabber HTS. It took 8 hours to drive 158 miles each way over the pass, the ham-fisted testing in the snow covered parking lot was only done so I know how far I can push the car before losing control. That is not the way I drive with my wife and two girls. Very quiet tires, my girls complain when other car's tires are too noisy driving along side of our car on the freeway. Great traction in wet and dry conditions. Good feed back in my steering wheel for such a big vehicle. Gave it an 8 for rock because it picks up too many pebbles then toss them, pack with clay mud will lose traction.


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