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Monday, January 27, 2014 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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General Altimax HPReviewer's Overall Rating: 6.29

2009 Honda Accord Sedan
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Miles driven on tires: 1,100
Location: Philipsburg, PA
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 1,100 Miles on Tires
November 14, 2011

Last month (October) I ordered 4 GENERAL ALTIMAX HP tires for our 2009 Accord. These are the first tires I have ordered from Tire Rack that I am disappointed with. Every morning when I get in my car to go to work, the tires rumble and ride rough for the first 5-7 miles (asphalt highway driving at 55-60mph). Eventually, the bad rumble goes away, but even after that they still don't seem to ride smooth. I had a 4-weel alignment done when the tires were mounted, at the shop we use. The rough ride was noticeable from the beginning. I checked air pressure, and it was exactly what was spec'd on the tires. Tried a different PSI– using the specs recommended on the car – made no difference. At 300 miles nothing had changed, so I had them re-balanced. No change. I found some info on TR's site about tires having a break-in period up to 1000 miles, so decided to let it go for awhile longer and see if they smoothed out. It's now been around 1100 miles, and no change. It feels like the tires get a flat spot when sitting overnight, especially if it's cold, and even worse if we go away for a weekend in our other vehicle and the Accord sits for 2 days in the garage. Monday when I get back in the Accord and head out for the first time, the ride is horrible. So noisy and rumbley it sounds like the air turbulence you get when a rear window is open. Lousy tire.

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