Tires and Tunes

Tim at the 1990 Bob Bondurant High Performacne Driving SchoolHi! I'm Tim Joines, Director of Internet Business, and have been with Tire  Rack for over 20years. (Photo from my first Driving School in 1990)

I've been a car nut since, well forever. My dad ran the Bendix Test Track when I was born and he would take us for Sunday drives at 130MPH on the banked track. I appreciate both the technical interest and the passion for cars shared by real car enthusiasts.

Music is also top on my list. I'm addicted to iTunes, Pandora, and keep my old CD'S for when iTunes offers higher kbps imports.

Fortunately driving a car and driving a sub-woofer go perfectly together.  Shuffling a playlist while shuffling along a winding road is a nice way to spend a warm summer afternoon.

Tires are a significant factor in adding enjoyment to my drive. Finding tires that meet my driving preference change the way I feel about my car.

My team understands this and we work to offer tools and information on our website to make it easy for you to find the right tires for you. We offer such a large selection because individual driving style and needs dictates what is the best tire to buy.

Start a search and see how we can help you enjoy your daily drive.

Still buying tires after 26 years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Tim Joines
 It is great to hear from happy customers. Especially when they have been with us for 26 years and that we also have the opportunity to help the next generation with their tire and wheel needs.

Here is nice feedback from a customer regarding a recent tire purchase:

“I have purchased through Tire Rack since the first ad I saw in Car and Driver back around 1982 or 83....the Rack has always offered a great price point and until very recently I've been quite loyal, have always recommended them to others due primarily to their winter Tire/Wheel Packages.

Well my son who is a college sophomore brought me back to you guys when his 86 Toyota Celica GTS needed snows ASAP as the 205/60-R14 BFGoodrich Traction T/A H tires on 7" alloys just weren't getting it done for their second snow season, and the offerings in a 14" are extremely limited elsewhere.

He is commuting from Shaftesbury, MA (high elevation, 13 "S" curves) to Enfield, CT. It is about as treacherous and varied as you could experience in New England.

General Tire Altimax Arctic Winter tire, Snow tireAlex at Tire Rack walked me through my son's selection of the General Altimax Arctic and helped us choose a 185-65 R 14 for the 6" steelies that we had, have proven to be the best (studable, but un-studded) snow tire in the family.

This tire has so far exceeded my son's experience w/other studded snow tires.

From the fitment call at 11:15 AM to Alex, the follow-up emails, and confirmation, to him making it easy to arrange pick-up at the Windsor Locks warehouse facility during a lunch break, the folks were all awesome.

Right down to the shipper at the dock who met me w/a stack of tires as I backed into the dock. WOW....such service. leaving the facility by 12:45PM, and having my favorite local tire installer mount and balance for me that afternoon, and installed on my son's car the that evening for his commute to work from school.

Thanks Alex and Tire Rack, your customer service rocks.

PS: TXT from my son after the Storm last night......These new snows DESTROY. OMG it's all ice w snow on top now and it’s like dry pavement I want a subie with them Muhahahah.

Tire Rack has re-established a benchmark for customer service for this service. -- Steve in Massachusetts”

I’ve only been with the company since 1987 so Steve is more loyal than I am.

What's my tire size?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 by Tim Joines
When searching for tires for your car or tires for your truck we offer several ways to find the best tires. 

I had a question from our recent survey that is an example of the different ways to search for tires. The customer was concerned that he saw fewer tires when he searched for tires by vehicle for his 2003 Chevy Trailblazer than when he searched by the tire size 245/75R16.

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer with Chrome 20X8.5 Granite Alloy GX1 custom rims

The difference is the size tire returned in the search results. We show the Original Equipment size tires when searching for tires by vehicle. The Original Equipment tire size is 245/70R16 for the 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.

The tire manufacturers we represent offer 48 tire models in size 245/70R16 but they offer 92 in size 245/75R16.

To help ensure we only recommend tires that meet the vehicle's capabilities we do only show tires that meet the selected vehicle's minimum load and speed rating requirements. 

All of the tires in size 245/70R16 meet the minimum standards for the 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.

An example of a limited list of tires is for a ¾-ton Silverado pick-up. The results will only show tires that are E-load rated or higher which reduces the list to 33 tires for 245/75 16.

It is helpful to verify the tire size is what you are searching for on our site by vehicle and if searching by size that the tire is correct for your vehicle.

We have a team of specialists to review every order and if the size listed does not match the vehicle we will contact you to make sure the size will work for your needs.

As always, if you ever have a question you can give one of our sales specialists a quick call for advice.

A (even) Better Way to Buy Tires

Thursday, July 9, 2009 by Tim Joines
Last Thursday we started testing a new version of our on-line tire search.

Our loyal customers who were happy with the way we helped them find tires in the past will have an even better experience now.

We think new tire buyers will simply like what they see.

We have updated the look of the tire search results to allow you to find features such as Tire Tests, Specifications, Customer tire surveys and reviews more easily.

Here are a couple of the details regarding the changes:

We added the Reviewer's Avg Rating to the results so you can more quickly see how other customers  feel about the choices we offer. You can also sort by this rating.

New Arrivals Tab: The most recent tires for your vehicle
Original Equipment Tab: The exact make and model tires installed at the factory
Best Sellers Tab: The most popular tires based on what others have selected for the same make and model car or truck.

New Tire Search Sort By options
Easier Sort Function:
Sort by:
  1. Tire Brand
  2. Lowest Tire Price
  3. Tire Performance Category
  4. Tire Speed Rating
  5. UTQG
  6. Warranty Rating
  7. Reviewer's Average rating
Look for further updates on the new search.

We are displaying the new search to about 1/2 of the site traffic as part of the test so not everyone will see the feature until we are sure it stands up to live traffic use.

Start a search from our front page.

Sharing Tire Information

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 by Tim Joines
When I started selling tires in 1988 they were almost exclusively found in a store and it was difficult to find performance tires.
                                                                                                          (Tire Ad from the 90s)

1990 Tires advertisment for Tire Rack in Car and DriverThe Tire Rack was different. We offered in-depth advice
on the best tires for a customers driving needs and a
large selection (for the time) of performance tires and
wheels. We could also tell customers not just what is
the largest size tire and wheel package, but what is
the best size for their car.

We offered information by phone or in one of our tire
or Autoweek.  As you can see on the right from an ad from the early 1990s space limits the amount of information we could offer up front.

With the rise of the Internet we were able to offer a huge advance in the information about our products.
We started with better photos and details in 1996.

Since then we've added:

-Larger tire photos
-Tire Testing results
-Customer generated tire survey results and reviews
-Full tire specifications 
-Side by side option to compare performance tires
-Original equipment car or truck tires by specific vehicle listing exact tire make and model
-Best selling tires for a car or truck

Our sales specialists are great resources also. After viewing all the tires for sale for your car you still may need more help making a choice. Our tire experts can help you finalize your tire choice quickly and easily. They have driven on a wide selection of the tires we offer on our tire test track and in real world drivingg situations.

Our reps have also spoken with other customers who have owned your car or truck. When you need Honda Accord tires  or Chevrolet Impala tires  or Ford GT or an E36 BMW M3 Lightweight  we can help you make the best tire choice for your driving needs.

The Tire Rack started different than other tire dealers and we continue to work to maintain our leadership in auto Tires and Wheels and in offering the information to help make the right choice in replacement tires.