Performance Winter Tires - How well do they really work?

When selecting a winter tire that is most appropriate for a vehicle, one needs to factor in many different variables to make a decision. How much snow will the vehicle see? Is there snow or ice on the ground most of the winter or are the roads regularly clear? How "spirited" is the vehicle driven on clear days? A couple of winters ago I asked myself these...  Read More

You say rim, I say wheel; you say tomato...

One of my pet peeves is the modern usage of the term "rim"  to describe aftermarket alloy wheels.  Perhaps this is one of those long standing debates that will never be resolved but it's important to use the correct terminology when discussing parts.  The rim is the outer barrel portion of the wheel where the tire is mounted.  The term wheel applies to the...  Read More

Why Ceramic Brake Pads?

Replacing the brakes on your car or truck can be a costly venture. Picking out the right brake components is a very important decision. The pads you choose can make the biggest difference in stopping power, cleanliness, noise and longevity. Ceramic brake pads have changed the standards for brakes today. Compared to the semi-metallic pads found on most...  Read More

If it's too're too old

Many of  the newer tires being introduced have an asymmetric design that were previously directional.  Bridgestone Potenza RE750 old directional design Bridgestone Potenza RE760  new asymmetric design        Why asymmetric design. Europe recent phased in new stricter noise standards over the past 5 years. as found in a Tire Rack Technical articleE.C.E....  Read More

Welcome Axis Wheels!

Attention to detail in your wheel purchase can prevent vibration, wheel/tire interference and unbalanced handling. And Tire Rack's engineers use sophisticated tools to determine which wheels are a proper fit for each vehicle. Before beginning your wheel search, read "Why Shop for Wheels by First Selecting a Vehicle?" to see the factors that go in to matching...  Read More

Fuelish Behavior ...

    Well, here we are, about a year removed from the $4.00+ per gallon gas prices of the 2008 summer driving season. When the prices started climbing last summer we started hearing about different ways to reduce our own fuel and energy costs.        Some of the reports we heard even came up with new words to help us understand the need to conserve fuel. Who...  Read More

Disc Brake Challenge Part V: Bleeding The Brakes And Bedding-In The Pads

With the new brake pads and rotors installed, it's time for Samuel to bleed any air out of the brake lines. The first step is to check the condition of the brake fluid currently in the lines.Step 1: Checking the fluidBrake fluid is an interesting substance. It's actually a specialized type of hydraulic fluid and it does require inspection and or replacement...  Read More

Goodyear DuraTrac, Commercial Traction for Full-Size Pick up Trucks

Goodyear has done well designing its new All Terrain Max Traction Tire the DuraTrac.  These tires are designed with the hard working and hard playing consumer in mind.  They also come in load range C, D, and also E for the F250 Super Duty and 2500HD 4X4 truck owner.  The DuraTrac is designed to be a versatile tire offering off-road composure in dirt, gravel...  Read More

PIAA Xtreme White Plus Headlight Bulbs and Super Silicone Wiper Blades Improve Visiblity

I have been using the PIAA Xtreme White Plus Headlight Bulbs and also Super Silicone Wiper Blades on my vehicle for some time now. I found it difficult to see at night, especially in rainy conditions. The PIAA Xtreme White Plus head light bulbs offered me clearer visibility over my OE headlights and the PIAA Super Silicone Aftermarket Wiper Blades kept my...  Read More

New Continental Extreme Contact DWS

Good snow traction in an All-Season tire? Having spent the last several Northern Indiana on dedicated snow tires, All-Season tires just aren't good enough.  Once you go Blizzak  (or X Ice2) you can't go back. Well, what about a Louisville driver with Summer Performance tires? Does he or she really need a snow tire for a few snow storms?Dedicated snow tires ...  Read More

Studs in All-Terrain Tires?

Typically we associate studded tires with winter tires. However some All Terrain Tires are studdable as well and could work well in certain environments with lots of mud, snow and ice. Check out the available On-/Off-Road All-Terrain and On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction tires that are studdable.On-/Off-Road All-Terrain BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO (select...  Read More

Snow Tires (Winter Tires) in August?

No...don't put them on your car, yet. Being more involved in the advertising part of our business means I am already deep into the winter tire advertising.  We are looking forward to a great season.  Our selection of tire brands offering winter tires is bigger than ever, and we have a huge selection of aftermarket wheels priced for winter use in winter tire...  Read More

Give me a brake ....

Yes, I meant  to spell it that way because, today I am blogging about brakes. Everyday I get to field questions from people about all types of performance and aesthetic upgrades but, many times the unintended consequences are not even seen.Brakes are often over looked when upgrading wheels and tires and it's easy to understand why. A wheel and tire package ca...  Read More

Disc Brake Challenge Part IV: Installing The Hawk HPS Brake Pads And Calipers

With the rotors and hubs checked for excessive run-out, it's time for Samuel to move on to the brake pads. The set we selected for this vehicle are the Hawk HPS Performance Brake pads. We have had these on previous family vehicles and even my wife noticed the difference. She specifically requested these pads for the van. The Hawk HPS pads feature a Ferro...  Read More

New Car FEVER !

I get alot of calls from people doing some research on tires prior to buying a new (or used) car, and I can't say it's a bad idea in the least! You'd be surprised how many people damage a tire on their "brand new baby" and are SHOCKED to find out that the fancy 19" wheel and tire option they added now has cost them an extra $50 to $75 more per tire than the...  Read More

Silicone, the wave of the wiper blade future from TireRack

I have been a huge fan of our PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades for some time.  Last week I ran through a construction zone that splattered tar all up the front of my truck.  I had to use Laquer Thinner to clean it all off the windshield.  I followed it up by 50/50 alcohol and water mix and then finally Windex. At that point I knew it was as clean as it...  Read More

Peace, Love.....and Daisy shaped wheels from Tire Rack.

Flower Power.  Since the 60's it has been a catch phrase for everything involving freedom of peace,  expression and love.  If you drive a VW Bug, show your love for your car and bring peace to the intersection with a set Sport Edition Daisy wheels bought direct from Tire Rack!   Made in 16" for your stock tires.  They accept stock mounting hardware, they...  Read More

Disc Brake Challenge Part III: Removing and Replacing the Brake Rotors

With the worn out brake pads off and the calipers checked and repaired, it was time for Samuel to move on to the brake rotors.Step 1: Removing The Old Brake RotorThis looks simple enough right? There are no stud clips so the brake rotor is just resting on the nose of the axle hub ready to be lifted off. Well, not quite, as Samuel soon discovered...Normally...  Read More

Energy Saving Tires. Not just for Hybrids.

Today I set out for another routine tire test on the streets of South Bend. This time we were testing the new low rolling resistance tires on a fleet of Toyota Prius (yawn). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but this doesn't give the same exhilaration as tossing a BMW through the slalom cones on maximum performance summer tires. As an sideline to comparing...  Read More

it's August and it's hot so, let's talk about something cool

Let's talk about winter. As I am typing this it's the 'dog days' of summer and you should be  enjoying your automotive lifestyle with cruise ins, track days or car shows but, before you know it, you will be breaking out the heavy coats and putting the toys away. Yes, winter is right around the corner so, now is the time to start thinking about winter tires.Th...  Read More