Winter Wheel Decision Guide

So you have already made the fantastic decision to run a set of dedicated winter wheels and tires. The question remains however, how do I select a wheel that will perform well during the winter months?    When it comes to winter wheels, you want to avoid chrome, polished and some machined accent wheels as they tend to be susceptible to damage from the weather...  Read More

Best Tire for Honda Odyssey

Finding the best tire for a vehicle is the holy grail of tire shopping. While there is no single guaranteed solution for everyone, there are some tires that do rise to the top after looking at test data and customer feedback. In the case of the Honda Odyssey using tire size 235/65R16, there seems to be a clear winner in the Continental TrueContact. This...  Read More

Best Tires for Subaru Outback

Since its launch in North America in the late 1990s, the Subaru Outback has seen fantastic sales in several iterations and continues to be one of the most popular wagons on the market today. When those Original eEquipment tires wear out, what do you replace them with? Start by looking at your tire size, then check out which of the tires below will work best...  Read More

Do I Need Studless Ice & Snow or Performance Winter / Snow Tires?

When it comes to choosing your next set of winter / snow tires for a passenger vehicle, there are two main winter tire performance categories for you to consider, Studless Ice & Snow and Performance Winter / Snow. Studless Ice & Snow tires deliver the best ice and snow grip in the industry. Intended to be a friendlier alternative to studded solutions, we...  Read More

Power King Towmax STR vs Towmax STR II Trailer Tires

As mentioned in "Goodyear Marathon Radial vs. Power King Towmax STR Trailer Tires", the Towmax STR is produced in the popular 235/85R16 Load Range E size that many full-size trailers use. The new Towmax STR II is also made in this size. Another unique application is the 225/75R15 size that's available in an E Load Range versus only a D Load Range with the...  Read More

All-New Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 vs Blizzak DM-V1

Bridgestone winter / snow tires are renowned for their outstanding winter traction. For many years, the Blizzak DM-V1 topped the list of best Studless Ice & Snow tires for light trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles. Its combination of great snow traction, ice traction, wet grip and durability made it the most recommended tire in the category since its...  Read More

Winter is Coming Part 2: Performance Winter / Snow Tires

Performance Winter / Snow tire consumers generally live in areas that receive little or no snow accumulation, but experience freezing or near-freezing temperatures. The benefits using these tires are twofold. First, drivers get an increase in snow and ice traction, but unlike a Studless Ice & Snow tire, where you are keenly aware you are driving on a winter...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

These tires performed very well in all Wisconsin seasons, including snow. I ran these tires on my Sienna and Taurus concurrently and was pleased with the winter performance on both vehicles. I am now shopping for tires for both vehicles and will not put these on again simply due to noise. Very, very loud tire, especially as the tread wears down.   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Firestone Winterforce

WOW!, You guys are freak'n awesome. Everything I needed was right here and priced accordingly. For the money I could not have matched the price on this winter wheel and tire package, especially when one factors in mounting and balancing. What really blew my mind was the fact that my order was put together, shipped, and at my door in a little over 24 hours....  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

Just had these tires installed 2 days ago. Although they have less than 100 miles on them I can't believe the difference in the ride over the OEM Bridgestone's. The first first thing I noticed when leaving the install shop was how quiet the tires are. Much quieter than the OEM tires. The ride and handling were top notch. A month ago I installed Michelin MXV4...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

I purchased these because I had good luck with the Goodyear silent armors Tire shop could not balance after multiple attempts. They tried another four new tires , with the same results. The tire shop tried spin balancing them on the vehicle with no improvement. They took it to another tire shop for balancing and no change. Finally went with different brand,...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin X-Ice Xi3

I am not new to Michelin tires, so this was the obvious choice when I was shopping for winter tires. Having said that, I considered Blizzaks and Continentals before my purchase, but the Tire Rack and Consumer Reports reviews for the X-Ice made my decision much easier. Two seasons on these tires, and negligible wear thus far. They handle well for a winter...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia

I was apprenhensive about these tires when shopping. They have good reviews, but I had doubts. I had less than three years and 30,000 miles on a set of Michelin Latitude Tour HPs, and they were like driving on stones. I thought I had suspension problems, and I had recently refreshed all of the suspension parts. With 86,000 miles on this XC70, these...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP

These are amazing run flats. They have completely changed my enjoyment of my car. Handles better ,with amazingly improved ride quality. The original Bridgestone Potenzas were so harsh, I would bounce on any raod that wasn't perfectly smooth.The difference was noticible immediately. I actually checked the tires to make sure the shop actually sold me the zero...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (H- or V-Speed Rated)

Hey Guys,I just wanted to share my experience with this amazing Michelin product. I own a modified 2014 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 which dyno-tuned at 413hp@407tq. Previously, I purchased Mickey Thompson Street Comp 255/40/19 & 295/35/19 tires about 4 months ago, an extreme summer performance tire. Well the tires were great if you are a road course/autocross...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the BFGoodrich Commercial T/A Traction

I purchased a set of these for my truck back when I was still working as a contractor and needed tires that could handle snow & mud. Then, I got injured and retired, and got involved with the county fire & rescue volunteers. Now my truck is fitted out as a mobile radio command post and on call 24/7, so dependable tires are even more critical. And these tires...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

Purchased these tires(from a local dealer) based on reviews as a replacement for Michelin MXV4. These are tough tires to properly road force balance. Ride is a bit jittery and after two attempts at balancing (values of 13 lbs. on all four tires) the ride is still disappointing. Road noise is great but will not know snow handling characteristics until this...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS

I bought these tires to replace the OEM Bridgestone Potenza S001 RFT, which were really noisy, not to mention I have to rush home if it ever snows to change my tires. There was a leak on my rear right tire, so I pulled the trigger and after many reviews read, decided to get the DWS.After the tires were mounted on my 19s', it was night and day. Vehicle was...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental TrueContact

I realize that this is a little soon to be rating a tire. However, I will update my review at a later time. I just wanted to complement Tire Rack on their service in the response to my questions, and their ability to deliver the tires to a local shop in an efficient manner. The tires seem quite competent so far when driving around locally. The noise...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Turanza ER300 RFT

Great set of tires. I will need to replace them in a few thousand miles. Let's say they lasted 25K which I consider successful given the performance category and my driving style. I recommend these tires for all 5'series drivers. In 22K driving, I had two flats which were easily fixed by local tire shops in less than 15 minutes costed about $30.Well done...  Read More