New Truck and SUVRims Available at Tire Rack

Monday, June 14, 2010 by Chad Hocker
One of the largest classes of new Rims has arrived at Tire Rack allowing us to offer over 40 brands and over 500 models of rims -- all searchable by vehicle.

Yes, that's right. Tire Rack has taken the guesswork out of the fitment equation. We know the rim offset and fitment for each truck or SUV. We also offer the tires for you as well. Select a Rim and tire package and Tire Rack will mount and balance them at no charge prior to shipping. 

If you can change a spare tire you have the ability to install your new tires and rims when they arrive saving you even more money on the installation (most installers charge $10-$20 each to install new tires and rims).

Let's take a look at some of the new truck rims for 2010.

Assault Assault
Black w/Mach Lip
Crawl Crawl
Flat Black Painted
Justice Justice
Machined w/Flat Black Accent
DC-2 DC-2
Machined w/Black Accent

Baron Baron
Machined w/Black Accent
Drifter Drifter
Machined w/Black Accent
Gauntlet Gauntlet
Black Painted
Maverick Maverick
Machined w/Black Accent

New OZ Wheel For Porsche 993, 996, 997

Friday, June 11, 2010 by Nick Shreve
OZ has just introduced a new wheel exclusive for Porsche 911 models. This new model is called the Turbo III which is a 3 piece wheel that we hand build using OZ Italy specified tools and procedures.

The pieces are built by OZ Italy. All 3 pieces, whether it be the wheel center, inner rim section, or the outer rim section, are produced in the same facility using the same machines and technology used to build their F1 race wheels. These wheels come in staggered wheel widths in 19" rim diameters with the proper offset to give your Porsche that aggressive sporty look everyone desires.

Match these with some max performance summer tires and you have yourself a very clean sharp looking car, that can handle everything the street can throw at you and also be a blast at the track. 

You can find these wheels in our upgrade garage when you enter in your specific Porsche model and year. 

We also provide you with the recommended tire sizes to use with these wheels and a link to show you the options we offer.

Being specific for Porsche these wheels are designed to use the factory Porsche titanium lug nuts and don't require centering rings for fitment. The OZ Turbo III also will work with your factory TPMS system.

We offer replacement TPMS sensors and when purchased as part of a wheel and tire package we will install the sensors and, as always, mount and balance your new wheel and tire package at no extra charge.

Why won't this wheel fit my car?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 by Logan Woodworth
We often get calls from consumers asking about installing larger wheels and tires on their car or truck. Plus sizing with larger custom wheels (rims) is very common and is the easiest way to improve the overall look of your vehicle.

The one thing that often gets forgotten is how the larger wheel fits on the vehicle. Many people look at similar cars with large wheels and assume that their car or truck can handle the same. The thing that they rarely see are modifications to the vehicle to accommodate the wheels. 
There are many fitment considerations when choosing the correct custom wheel including overall diameter, wheel width, tire width, offset, center bore, etc...

In short, bigger custom wheels and tires are a great way to enhance the look of your ride but there are many things to consider. Visit our website or contact us for advice prior to making a decision.

Engineering: How it Applies to Shopping for Aftermarket Car Rims

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Tire Rack Team
You can pick a certain look for your vehicle and hope for a perfect fit when you buy aftermarket car rims (more accurately referred to as wheels) or you can use the "Shop by Vehicle" tool on our site. Here's why:

Though wheel size, offset and/or bolt pattern are all important, they alone cannot ensure an exact fit. To avoid vibration, wheel/tire interference and unbalanced handling, you'll need to measure a few other critical wheel components. At Tire Rack, we do this with sophisticated electronic tools so that our fitment engineers can get extremely accurate measurements. Vehicles are measured as well, enabling us to compare the two sets of numbers in order to determine precise fitments. (Read more.)

All you need to really know is that it helps us help you find the perfect wheels—just search by vehicle, and we'll show you.