Love is...Autocrossing. And Tire Rack.

Monday, June 16, 2014 by Tire Rack Team

A happy couple, fun with cars and Tire Rack. A perfect marriage in our book.

Angie and Woody Rogers, both Tire Rack employees, placed their first Tire Rack orders back in 1990 before even knowing each other.

Later they met and the rest is (autocross) history.

Woody, who began autocrossing in 1989, convinced Angie to come to an event for their first date. It wasn't long before Angie got behind the wheel and gave it a try herself. The motoring couple continued to compete in local, regional and national level autocross competitions around the country. And many sets of tires later, Angie eventually went on to win two SCCA National Autocross Championships!

Both joined the Tire Rack team on the same day in the summer of 1999. Woody has turned his love of tires and ample time behind the wheel into his role as one of Tire Rack's product information specialists and tire test program coordinator, while Angie has blended her graphic design training and management skills into her current role as print media buyer.

This time of year, you'll find them prepping their 2002 S2000 for yet another season of competition in the SCCA's STR class.

What's Installed? Woody Comments.

Dunlop245/40R17 Dunlop Direzza ZII Tires

"Chosen because it's an all-around performance leader. This tire is well suited to the task, and inspires confidence to push hard and place the car very exactly, both of which are critical to going fast."

TRMotorsports17x9.0 TRMotorsports C3 Light Grey Wheels

"These wheels have the correct fit plus light weight and economical pricing. It costs nearly twice as much to save just two pounds per wheel."

KW KW Clubsport Coil-Over Kit

"We've used KW Coil-Overs before, and they proved to deliver excellent damping control and a wide range of adjustability."

Eibach SpringsFront Anti-Roll Bar

"The Eibach Front Anti-Roll Bar is hollow for reduced weight and the two-way adjustability on the S2000 fitment helps tune handling as needed."

Intercomp 4" Deluxe Air Pressure Gauge

"Big enough to see from the moon, and always spot on accurate."

AquapelGlass Treatment

PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blades

"The combination of Aquapel and PIAA Super Silicone wipers makes a great pair to assure visibility during even the heaviest downpour."

Braille Auto Lightweight Racing Battery (Carbon Wrap w/Mount) 6 lbs.

"Saving weight is an important part of this project, and this should shave nearly 40 lbs. from the car while still having plenty of cranking power."

SPCSPC Adjustable Ball Joint

"Installed in the front upper control arms, the SPC ball joints add additional adjustment range to the OEM suspension so we can get sufficient negative camber to optimize tire performance."

Racing Batteries

Thursday, April 14, 2011 by Tire Rack Team
Braille Lightweight Racing Battery 6 lbs.Tire Rack One Lap of America is an eight-day competition showcasing some of the fastest street-legal cars on some of America’s most challenging racetracks. The event tests the endurance of the vehicles and their drivers as they transit from venue to venue for over 3,500 miles at legal speeds as well as timing their performance at premier racetracks including Daytona International Speedway.

Many drivers will be looking to buy car battery that is lighter than the standard battery and improves the racecar’s performance. The Braille Lightweight Racing Battery is designed with acid-free technology for use in extreme lightweight vehicles and full racecars. Weighing only 6 lbs., this car battery has been used by drivers who have competed in the following events:

•    FIA Formula Racing
•    Speed World Challenge Series
•    SCCA ProRally Series
•    NASA Touring Cars

And Braille batteries are sure to be a great option for all drivers competing in One Lap of America's challenging days of competition.

Braille Car Batteries

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 by Tire Rack Team
Braille Endurance Series (Group 49)A car battery from Braille’s Endurance Series is suitable for daily driving and for racing.

The Braille Endurance Series batteries in Group 48 are designed as a perfect Original Equipment (O.E.) replacement option for increased power and reliability in all weather conditions. Group 49 batteries offer over 100 amp hour rating – the highest in Braille’s AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) line of batteries.

Both options provide race-winning technology that help eliminate corrosion on terminals and are environmentally safe and maintenance-free. The batteries meet the strictest racing battery and street safety standards and are built using recycled lead and plastic for less waste.

View all Braille batteries here.

Racing Batteries

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 by Tire Rack Team

Braille Batteries and Accessories Is your car battery ready for racing season? 

A new lightweight racing battery intended for race events can save a driver precious pounds in their competition vehicle. Improving the performance of many race vehicles and providing custom car and vintage vehicle owners a car battery with acid-free technology, the racing batteries from Braille offer a wide variety of options.

Regardless if you are ready to buy a car battery for racing season or for every day use, Tire Rack offers many Braille products to suit your driving style.

View all Braille batteries and accessories here.

Braille Lightweight Car Batteries

Saturday, January 15, 2011 by Wes .
Braille Batteries Braille racing and automotive batteries were created to give the user enhanced performance from their electrical system, as well as enhancing the overall level of handling from the car by reducing the weight. 

When buying a car battery, one must take into account its intended usage. If your intended purpose is pure racing, and the battery is only used to keep the car's electrical6 lb. Braille Lightweight Car Battery system going throughout the competition, Braille makes the Lightweight Racing series to fill this need. From 6 lbs. to 21 lbs., they will save precious pounds from your competition vehicle. Some of the heavier models pack enough punch to use as a street battery in warmer weather. See technical specifications on each model.

If you are buying a car battery for year-round usage, Braille offers the Endurance series, which are hearty enough to use year-round. Utilizing the same clean, no corrosion technologies, the batteries gain weight over the racing series, but are still lighter than manyBraille Endurance Series Battery (Group 49) other traditional car batteries. They are a sealed-cell battery with sufficient power for year-round usage, and are made from environmentally friendly recycled materials.

Crank It Up!

Friday, September 10, 2010 by Porter Pryde

The Braille Lightweight Racing Battery is 10-30 pounds lighter than a standard battery of equal power and it is suitable for race use where weight savings are important. In custom car applications it allows for flexibility in mounting location as well.

A wide range of power ratings from 527 to 1380 cold cranking amps and weighing from 6 lbs. to 21 lbs. provides a lot of flexibility when choosing the right battery for your application. Many sizes are offered in standard case and carbon fiber wrap and include mounts.
Braille Lightweight Racing Battery (Carbon Wrap w/Mount) 6 lbs.Braille Lightweight Racing Battery (Standard Case w/Mount) 6 lbs.
Braille batteries offer true deep-cycling ability over the entire life of the battery. The vibration-resistant power posts resist the cracking and deterioration common to many lightweight batteries used in harsh automotive environments. The battery is a sealed unit that can be mounted in any position safely using its adjustable automotive terminal posts.

Braille batteries include a one-year free replacement limited warranty that is not pro-rated.

Braille Batteries: Lightweight Power for Your Race Car

Friday, August 6, 2010 by Roger Laughlin
Braille BatteryBraille batteries available at Tire Rack were developed to provide demanding drivers the power they need in a smaller, lighter package for both race and street applications. Braille batteries provide the highest energy-to-weight ratio of any sealed lead acid battery available today. When speed counts, weight is the enemy, so when selecting a Braille battery you can rest assured that due to i's lower weight, it will enhance your acceleration, braking, and handling.

If you are looking for performance you can feel, check out our selection of Braille batteries!

Braille racing batteries embrace the checkered flag.

Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
No matter how detailed your race vehicle is, there's only one thing your performance truly depends on—a good racing battery. And Braille Auto Development knows exactly how to make one. As you know, braille is a form of communication that utilizes touch. Applying this idea to every battery they create, Braille is able to offer drivers performance they can truly feel on the track.

Braille studies every aspect of a race car as it runs the track and the result is a battery that provides a competitive advantage—it's much more lightweight than any other battery on the market. And on the track, the lighter you are, the faster you'll go.

Tire Rack offers a variety of different Braille racing batteries and mounting kits. And not only is every Braille battery extremely lightweight, it also features heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts that resist cracking and other forms of deterioration. Shop the selection to find a racing battery you won't be disappointed in.

"I installed the Braille Lightweight Racing Battery (15 lbs.) into my daily drive. I searched the Internet and found these had really good reviews. When I received the battery I was shocked how little it was! The mounting bracket took a minute to figure out but once it was adjusted for the battery it mounted right were my factory battery was with the hooks provided. Overall, I saved about 16 pounds which is awesome. The auto posts included were a nice touch and everything seemed thought out pretty well." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, AK

Looking for a lighter and more durable race battery?

Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Mac McNabb

Let us assume you have already changed to the perfect Michelin tire. The Brakes have already been updated to HAWK pads. What's next?

Braille Batteries are some of the most durable, versatile and light batteries on the market for your racer or weekend warrior! Have a New Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and looking to save some weight somewhere? Braille could be your first step! You could shave 20+ lbs just by dong a simple battery change!

So you need to mount your battery on its side in your BMW M Roadster but are concerned about acid leakage? Braille would be the perfect solution! For autocross, road racing, drag racing or just the weekend warrior weight savings is always a concern and your ally in performance. Look through the web site and see which size battery would be perfect for your RACING and weight shaving needs! Be sure to confirm the cranking amps and see just how much weight you can save.

Braille: Buy your next car battery with confidence.

Monday, March 29, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
Any Braille car battery provides "lightweight performance you can feel." At Tire Rack, we're fully confident in their ability to keep you going—and we're not alone. Many racecar drivers choose Braille over the competition, running them in cars at events like the Speed World Challenge Series and in FIA Formula Racing. 

Every Braille car battery features an energy-to-weight ratio, which makes them some of the lightest in the industry. Plus, heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts resist cracking and deterioration for long-lasting performance.

So next time you need to buy car battery, we urge you to consider Braille. The performance benefits are clear—if it can be used as a racing battery, it'll certainly give your everyday vehicle a great charge.

See all Braille batteries.


Buy car battery today!

Monday, November 30, 2009 by Tire Rack Team

Make today the day you check your car battery. It's the heartbeat of your car, and it should be in excellent shape. Tire Rack stocks a number of batteries from Braille Auto, all of which are ready to ship from one of our distribution centers.

Every Braille battery features an energy-to-weight ratio that leads the industry. Enhanced Mat Technology increases the surface area on the lead plates, while full-frame power path grids increase cranking power. And thanks to high-density oxide, you'll get true deep-cycling ability throughout the life of the battery. 



In addition, the Braille Lightweight Racing Battery series (also appropriate for daily use) weighs in at a significantly lower number than most auto batteries. But with heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts, these batteries steer clear of cracking and deterioration...both common occurrences in lightweight batteries.

Though not as lightweight, the Braille Endurance Series is also a perfect fit for daily drivers and racers. Not only are they highly reliable, they offer a longer battery life and are built using recycled lead and plastic for less waste and lowered costs.



See all Braille batteries and accessories at Tire Rack.