Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

These replaced the stock Dunlop Sport Maxx RT's. Instead of putting the new PSS's on the stock wheels, I had TireRack install these PSS's on Enkei TS9's with TPMS. These are now my summer set of wheels and tires. About 800 miles were initially covered for a road trip from Salem, OR to Ontario, OR and back. The roads were dry the entire trip, which meant...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

I mostly plonk around the local twisties and highway with my 355, but a recent ~90 mile introductory track day at the nearby road course really put these babies front-and-center as incredible performance tires. A two mile ring with 9 total turns, including a sequence of diabolical hairpins, challenged me like I've never been challenged as an amateur sport...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin LTX M/S2

This is my SECOND set of LTX M/S2's. My first set I got about 100K on them. This set I will get close to that. I love them. I will buy another set when these are done! Highly recommend these tires   Read More

New MICHELIN and BFGoodrich Promotions Now Available

Summer is here! The dreadful gray skies are gone and it's time to prepare your vehicle for that long-awaited trip or weekend stops at the track. For speed warriors and long distance travelers alike, Tire Rack is your number one source for tires, wheels, brakes and suspension parts. And to help in your tire decision, we are offering two new mail-in rebate...  Read More

Best All-Season Tires for Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a compact crossover with a design intended to draw people's emotions to the Kia brand. It has earned a number of awards encompassing design, safety and value. Many Soul drivers request a tire that features good snow traction; and since snow is the most difficult surface to deal with, it only makes sense to prioritize that area.   There are a...  Read More

Best All-Season Audi S4 Tires

The Audi S4 is the high-performance model of the A4 sedan. First seen in 1991 (originally based on the 100), the S4 has matured over the years into a world-class luxury, performance car. The most current model made its debut in 2009 with a face lift as recently as 2012. The Premium Plus trim level sports a tire size of 245/40R18, however you should always...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

My car came with new Michelin Tires from the factory. They were HORRIBLE during the winter. Replaced with Goodyear Eagle GT Tires, and experienced much improvement. Tried Pirreli Winter Sotto Zero 3 Tires, and never knew tires could have that much of a dramatic, positive affect. The Pirelli Tires provided a dramatic improvement in all areas, in all seasons....  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

Purchased these tires for my 2009 GMC Acadia when the OEM Goodyear tires were pathetic...from the moment I pulled off the lot, the OEM tires would slip and slide on wet and dry pavement. I did a lot of research on replacement tires for the car and considered Michelin versus these Continental CrossContact LX20 Eco Plus. Now I can't say anything about fuel...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Have had two sets of Pilot Super Sports on my E90 and have been very pleased. The dry grip is tremendous, the wet grip is very good, and they even perform reasonably well when it gets cold (but no snow). I have a dedicated set of winter tires so these are on the car from April to November. I've gotten three solid summers out of them and they still have a...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General AltiMAX RT43 (T-Speed Rated)

We didn't realize the car had 18 wheels at purchase. Not a problem, except we usually run Michelin's, which are pretty expensive in this size. So we checked Tire Rack ratings and found these tires...and we have been pleasantly surprised. The tires 'sing' at highway speed which is a little noticeable, but really not an issue at all. They are a lot quieter...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin LTX A/T 2

I bought these tires just before a trip from Alabama to California and back again, and I don't think I could have made a better choice. Especially with the huge storms that hit the country this winter. These were to replace the BFGoodrich's that came on the truck. I'd like to think that I am a pretty good driver in the snow, but these tires inspire an almost...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position

I wanted to get rid of the run flats that were on my BMW. I researched and came to 3 main tire options for what I needed and wanted. Michelin pilot SS, Bridgestone PP S04, continental dws super. I read how great the Bridgestone ranked and going head to head against the top dog in this category being the Michelin pilot super sport, these tires deserve mention...  Read More

Best Replacement Performance Tires for Your Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been an American icon since its introduction over 50 years ago. With the 2011 model year, Ford brought back the legendary 5.0 moniker that was made famous in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The new 5.0 was rated at 412 hp and 390 ft./lbs. of torque. This popular GT model is typically equipped with a tire size of 235/50R18. However, we...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ContiTrac SUV

This is my first experience with Continental (have usually gone with Michelin for prior SUVs) and I am very impressed. I take my truck in regularly to be serviced and every time I ask, Are you sure my tires are okay? And they keep saying yes. After reading the reviews on this site, I can see lots of others have gotten higher than normal miles on their...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Premier A/S

Installed these Michelin cause my Goodyears were very low on thread life. Already with only 100 miles i noticed a big difference in handling and comfort. So far in love with my new set of tires. Honestly the only reason why i got Michelins were because of the mascot, i don't know why but i just love him. I will update over the life span of these tires!!   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Premier LTX

We purchased these tires as a replacement to the stock MXV4s that came stock on the Sienna. The MXV4s tire wear was horrid. Uneven tire wear and lasted only 40k miles despite the fact that they were always properly maintained. Regular rotations, maintained tire pressure, all 4 corners properly aligned.The MXV4s on the other hand have been fantastic. The...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Primacy MXV4

These tires were much better than the OEM Kumhos (Solus I believe) on my 2011 Kia Sorento SX. I actually had some confidence driving in light/deep snow with the Michelins. They weren't as quiet (or comfortable) as I thought they would be, but they were still miles better than those Kumhos.I've got almost 45,000 miles on them with just a couple flats...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin X-Ice Xi3

We live outside of Boston's 95 circle so we get our share of icy, snowy untreated roads. After taking out a fence, mailbox & fender, my sister in law traded the protégé in for an AWD CR-V. Wife liked it so much she got one exactly like it, & I immediately put DM-V1s on the wife's (my) investment. Sister in law waited awhile till she almost kissed the rear of...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Primacy MXV4

I've owned over 30 sets of tires, and these are the best I've ever bought for my purposes. My daily commute to work is 100 miles, and is 95% highway. I wanted a set of tires that would give good handling, very good gas mileage, and exceptional tread life. The Primacy MXV4 succeeded on all counts.I currently have 101,000 miles on these tires, with decent...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Ecsta PA31

I bought two sets of these tires to use in Cleveland, Ohio in all types of weather conditions. They perform better than my old Michelin's in snow and rain. For the price they cannot be beat.   Read More