When Should I Take Off My Winter / Snow Tires?

Recently, the following question was posted on one of the BMW forums I moderate: "It's getting close to spring time, and I am just wondering when everyone puts their summer wheels/tires on? I live in Ohio, so I was thinking of putting mine on during the first week of April. Any thoughts? In Cleveland, you never know when the winter will permanently end.

Yes, it's difficult to believe the calendar says another winter season has ended, but that doesn't mean your winter tires have been removed. I'm often asked when is the best time to swap winter / snow tires out for all-season or summer tires? My advice is to wait until the threat of snow is gone. Many are tempted to take off their winter tires early because of an unseasonably warm weekend. However, it's important to remember why you purchased your snow tires in the first place: safety! Is it really worth taking the chance of getting caught in a late-season snowstorm just to have your "fun" tires on a week or two sooner? 






If you own a set of all-season tires, you should make the change when low temperatures are consistently above freezing each night and the longer term forecast is showing the same. Getting caught in an early spring dusting shouldn't be an issue as all-season tires can still provide traction in light snow.

Summer performance tires are at their best when it's warmer, as they provide almost no traction in snow. If your area tends to have such unpredictable late freezes, put off the changeover a little longer than you would with all-seasons.

When the time does come, why not do the job yourself? Read "Do You Have the Three Tools Needed to Remove Your Wheels and Tires?" to see how easy it is to replace your winter tires with your non-winter set.


Sunday, December 13, 2015 by Robert Trafford

I have a mid 70's Glendale camping trailer with H78/15 tires (4),is there something I can buy?

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