Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs. Continental ExtremeContact DW

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 by Gary Stanley

Two of the most popular Max Performance Summer tires being discussed on automotive forums lately are the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and Continental ExtremeContact DW. Both options are highly rated and outstanding tires. In our Tire Survey Results, the Pilot Super Sport is currently ranked first, while the ExtremeContact DW is fourth.

How do the two tires compare? The Michelin Pilot Super Sport offers better handling, steering response and more desirable dry and wet grip. Continental ExtremeContact DW tires provide a slightly softer ride than the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and a slower steering response as a result.

Some BMW forum users state that the ExtremeContact DW has a softer sidewall compared to other Max Performance Summer tires. This can be viewed either as a positive feature or a downside depending on what you're looking for. The softer sidewalls (and slower steering response) result in improved ride quality and less harshness felt from sharp impacts like rough roads or expansion joints on the highway. 

Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Continental Extreme Contact DW
Continental ExtremeContact DW

When it comes time to make a purchase, which tire is best for you? Think about your driving style and preferences for ride. If you want immediate response when quickly moving the steering wheel from side to side and desire the best dry and wet traction, I'd go with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Are you willing to give up a little steering response for a softer ride? If so, the Continental ExtremeContact DW would be the way to go. Are you having trouble deciding? Keep in mind that it's hard to go wrong with either tire! 

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