Get More for Your Money When Replacing Your Corvette's Run-Flat Tires

Since 1997, most standard model Chevy Corvette sports cars have come equipped from the factory with run-flat tires. While some owners opt to switch over to conventional standard tires, many stick with the run-flat design since the Corvette has no spare tire. 

For the "C5 Corvette" model years of 1997-2004 the front tire size is 245/45R17 and the rear is 275/40R18. The Original Equipment tire that Chevy chose for this vehicle was the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS EMT. While this tire isn't a bad option, run-flat tire technology has come a long way in the last fifteen years and there are better (and often less expensive) choices available.   

Most Corvette owners don't drive their vehicles in snow and prefer the better handling and steering response that a summer tire provides. The best summer run-flat tire regardless of price is the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP. While pricing does fluctuate, this tire is currently less expensive than the original Goodyear tires! Kumho's Ecsta MX XRP is a value-oriented option that has very respectable levels of handling and dry grip.

All-season tires are the way to go for Corvette owners that need to drive their cars in light snow or simply want to trade-off some handing and dry grip for longer wear. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP is the tire I'd recommend to meet these qualifications.  

For more information on the capabilities of these tires, read "Driving on Run-Flat Tires."

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