Best All-Season Tires for Subaru Outback (2017)

Over the past few years,  the best tires for the Subaru Outback have changed. The last time we discussed this topic in 2014, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus was ranked number one in the Grand Touring All-Season category by our customers, and for good reason! With its smooth, quiet ride and long treadwear, the P7 All Season Plus remains an excellent choice for many drivers nearly three years later. However, is it still the best tire for your Subaru? 

We offer two helpful research tools that can help Outback owners determine if the P7 All Season Plus is still the best choice. One, is our consumer ratings and reviews page. There you'll find a collection of millions of miles of reported driving from every day, real-word drivers just like you. Since it has been such a popular tire, there are over seven million miles of reported data on this Pirelli tire. It's currently ranked number one in its category. This is especially impressive given the fact that most tires tend to fall in the survey rankings over time as newer and better tires are released. Yet, the P7 All Season Plus is still ranked first and tied with Michelin's Premier A/S for the top spot. While the two tires are tied in their overall total score, the Premier A/S is ranked higher in wet traction and slightly higher in snow traction and tread wear. The Pirelli still comes out ahead of the Michelin in dry traction and ride comfort.  

The second research tool we offer is our test results. Unbiased, expert drivers put tires through a series of tests on the street and our test track. These test are performed on identical vehicles so that performance and ride characteristics of tires can be directly compared. For our test results on the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus, check out the video below or read "The Sporty Side of Comfort: Testing the Newest Grand Touring All-Season Tires."

As the video points out, our results confirmed the Pirelli's advantages in ride comfort and showed overall handling to be equivalent to the top tire in the test. However, the test also highlighted the Pirelli's shortfall in wet traction versus the leading competitors in the test. In this test, the General AltiMAX RT43 was declared the overall winner.  

Is the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus still the best tire for the Subaru Outback? Testing data and consumer feedback show that competing tires like General AltiMAX RT43 and Michelin Premier A/S are worth considering as alternate choices. This is especially true if wet traction is a major factor in your decision. If you don't do much wet weather driving, the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus remains the tire of choice in terms of ride quality and noise comfort.  

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