Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

Just had these tires put on, and all I can say is wow. These tires are great compared to the Kumho stock tires on my Hyundai. I am very happy with them. Extremely quite, ride is very smooth, handling is terrific. No issues whatsoever. I have only put a 100 miles on them so I can't comment on treadwear and wet conditions yet. But I was compelled to leave a...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Solus KH25

Worst tires you can possibly use in snow/ice. Does not have any traction and the car won't come to stop, every time you press brakes ABS kicks inn and the car will just slide. Trend wear is not good either, had to change these tires out at 28,000 miles. Went with continental pure contact and they are much better in snow. Hyundai, start using better tires in...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1

I rarely take the trouble to write positive reviews, but after my experience yesterday I had to give these tires a nod. I drove about 250 miles in a snow storm in temps below 15degF, highway and local driving. Roads were a mix of wet where salt had melted snow, packed snow, slushy snow, probably some ice underneath. Virtually every possible condition....  Read More

Hankook Tires - Great Grip. Great Price.

When shopping for tires, value is always a big concern for customers. One of the most common questions I receive is, "Which tire can give me the maximum amount of grip for the best price?" If this sounds like you, Hankook may offer just what you've been shopping for. They offer high quality tires at a great price. Customers are surprised to learn Hankook is...  Read More

Kumho Tires Make a Great Option

So, you're in the market for a new set of tires and you've come across Kumho, a brand you may not be all that familiar with. Fair enough, they may not be as big of a household name as Goodyear or Michelin, but this Korean brand is one of the top tire manufacturers in the world. In the United States, you will find Kumho tires as Original Equipment on many...  Read More

Best Price on Michelin Tires for Toyota, Honda, Nissan and More!

When asked about which brand of tires are associated with quality, many think of Michelin. Their reputation is well deserved. For decades, Michelin has been an industry leader in tire technology, making some of the best tires that money can buy. While they make outstanding performance tires, like the Pilot Super Sport, Michelin may be best known for...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Hankook Optimo H426

These were the factory tires on my wife's 2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS. Overall, not a bad tire. I was very surprised to get 40k miles, although they really could have been replaced 5,000 miles ago, but the weather has been very dry so we've put it off a bit longer. I would call this an average tires. Its got some good things and bad things about it. The worst...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho KH18

Tire was purchased as a spare for a Hyundai Elantra, since the car did not come with one. Was able to get it mounted at a local tire store. Have not needed to use the tire yet.   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 (H- or V-Speed Rated)

I bought these tires to replace the factory Hankook death-traps that Hyundai had put on the car after I almost died getting to the store in the MILD slush. I immediately noticed an improvement while driving in the same nasty weather on the way home. The one thing I really noticed is how these tires HOWL while driving in the ice and snow. They also will sing...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Primacy MXM4

I had to replace the Hankook tires in this brand new car after only 1,700 miles. My teenage daughter drove on top of a curve and severely damaged both tires on the driver's side.Facing the decision, with the frustration of events, I decided not to replace like-for-like since I was already extremely disappointed with OE tires. I selected the Michelins based...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Michelim Energy LX4 tires were OEM's when I bought the Hyundai Van brand new and even after going through 9 different tires that were attempted to be balanced by every means available at multiple tire places these tires absolutely would not hold balance. I put up with them for almost 50,000 miserable miles of mostly Interstate driving and vowed NEVER to buy...  Read More

Goodyear Eagle GT (V-Speed Rated) Review

If you ask a random person to name a few tire brands off the top of their head, odds are one of the first to come to their mind is Goodyear. Goodyear tires come as Original Equipment on many makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles. In addition to being one of most well-known brands worldwide, Goodyear makes some of the top tires on the...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax RT

They are on a Hyundai Accent. My nephew is just happy that the car still moves!   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Eagle GT (V-Speed Rated)

These babies are sweet. I've got 20k on a set of 4 and it's like I'm riding on rails still. Treadwear looks normal for my spirited driving, probably 50-60% left and looks totally even. For my mom's Hyundai we ordered the Kumhos... On my Mustang I just couldn't do it. Goodyear Eagle GT's go a lot better on Sally.   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Hankook Optimo H431

These are OEM tires on 2013 Sonata SE, low profile. They are noisy on rough pavement, which seems to be the norm in NJ, smooth pavement-low noise level. I had Hankooks on a Nissan Murano, couldn't wait to get them off of car, they were so noisy. Wet traction is good, don't know if they changed the tires for 2013 model year vs. the 2012 and previous model...  Read More

Great Deal on 235/60R18 Michelin Primacy MXV4 Tires

Looking for a fantastic deal on a set of 235/60R18 tires? Look no further. We're currently offering the top-rated Michelin Primacy MXV4 for just $172 per tire! This low price makes the tire among the least expensive in the 235/60R18 size while giving you the chance to install a set of one of the best tires on the market on your vehicle.  Ranked as the number...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Solus KR21

Had the KR21s on a year. Bought these on price and the treadwear number. The wife put 42K on our new '08 Santa Fe in the first year and the factory Brigestones were junk (little tread remaining, max noise and no traction) by then. The KR 21s were a world apart! Smooth quiet ride, very good wet & dry traction, suprising winter traction too. Had NO PROBLEM...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax Arctic

I live in Montreal Canada. Our winters are harsh to say the least. I used to commute 45 miles per day, half the year in snow/icy winter. I've purchased 5 sets for the following cars: civic, volvo s60, hyundai santa fe, BMW 328xi and my infiniti G37x.My driving style is very aggressive starts but not at top speeds because I've gotten my fair share of tickets....  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the BFGoodrich Radial Long Trail T/A

I have original tires from Hyundai on my 2002 Santa Fe with 126,000 miles. I can't conceive of buying any other tire now that I'm replacing them. BF Goodrich has sold me...   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Firestone Winterforce

I've had these tires on two cars and am thinking about putting them on the Hyundai. Awesome tire. A little noise and a drop in MPG but thats to be expected, there an aggressive tire, and make a world of difference on a small car.   Read More