Best Snow and Ice Traction

Monday, October 25, 2010 by Austin Martin
Blizzak WS70The Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 is still the best tire in the winter / snow category the provides the maximum ice and and snow traction. It might not have the clear road driving manners of some other snow tires, but will help protect you on the ice-covered roads when you need it. 

Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 Studless Ice and Snow tire use the new silica-enhanced Multicell Compound and advanced 3-D siping technology for the best snow and ice traction.

Winter / Snow Tire Story

Monday, September 6, 2010 by Austin Martin

Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 tires make a difference. Read on.

I have a Mitsubishi 3000GT that I drove for one winter and let sit for the next six winters because I couldn't keep the car on the road in snow and ice. I thought the car handled so badly in winter conditions because it was a sports car. But i was wrong; it's the shoes (tires), not the car.

I put a set of Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 on my car after coming to work for Tire Rack a couple of years ago and learned about winter / snow tires. This car now plows through the snow better then my 4WD SUV. Some sizes of the Blizzak WS60 are being discontinued and replaced by the new Bridgestone Blizzak WS70.

Here are more Bridgestone Blizzak Winter / Snow tires to help you get through the winter safely.

Blizzak DM-V1 Studless Ice and Snow Winter Tire for SUVs

Friday, August 27, 2010 by Austin Martin
The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 stands out from all the other winter tires for me. I get through the snow and ice better with four Blzzak DM-V1 on my SUV in 2WD than I do in 4WD mode with a set of good all-season tires.

Bridgestone’s Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice and Snow winter tire, the Blizzak DM-V1 was developed for the drivers of pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicles and offers dry condition comfort and handling, too. Learn more about this tire.

NOTE: Not all winter tires are created equally. My previous set of winter tires were on my SUV for less then 500 miles when I switched to the Blizzak DM-V1 for better performance.

Compare This Tire to Other Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice & Snow Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak WS60

Thursday, August 5, 2010 by Austin Martin
 Some sizes of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 (shown at left) are being discontinued. This is a good time to check the condition of your winter / snow tires for the winter season that's right around the corner...especially if you are using the Blizzak WS60. We still have inventory on the Blizzak WS60 and will be getting more in stock until the tires are not available anymore from the manufacturer.

WS70Check your Blizzak WS60 snow tires now because if you do not need a set of four, this will be a good time to get them to ensure you will have a matched set before the tires are no longer available. The Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 is being replaced by the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 (shown at right).

Approximately 20 sizes of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 are being continued and will be available. These sizes will not be replaced by the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 this season. The discontinued sizes are marked as “Closeout” on our website.

Change Your Tire & Wheel Package Yourself

Thursday, July 15, 2010 by Austin Martin
Do you have multiple sets of wheels and tires? A summer and a winter set? Why not save time and money by changing them yourself?

It is a lot easier and safer to use a floor jack than to use the spare tire jack that came with your vehicle. The Aluminum Service Jack from Tire Rack goes from 3.5" ground height to a maximum height of 19.5" in 12 strokes or less, even under load.

For additional safety, I would recommend always using jack stands. Tire Rack's Tire Rack's Aluminum Jack Stand Set ffeatures safety lock pins and a wide base to provide added stability.

Adjustible wrench
We also offer Adjustable Torque Wrenches to help tighten your wheel's lug nuts or bolts and help finish the job right.

Need more space to store your tires?

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by Austin Martin
Tire and wheel storage done right.

Are you like me and never have enough floor space in your garage? The Tire Storage Rack is what you need to get your floor space back. The Tire Storage Rack is easy to install and looks great. All you need is 66"x28" of wall space and you can have your floor space back in 30 minutes or less. Just follow the easy installation instructions included with the Tire Storage Rack.

Before                                                                                  After
Dale Earnhardt #8 Nascar...Tire Rack Tire Storage Rack

How much is installation?

Thursday, June 17, 2010 by Austin Martin

Here is a quick and easy way to check installation prices at one of our independent Recommended Installers.

Just enter your ZIP Code to find an installer in your area and see the exact installation cost. √that the installer has agreed upon. Installers with Price Pledge status agree to base their installation cost on the sidewall aspect ratio.

Not all installers participate in the Price Pledge program. Look for the Price Pledge logoPrice Pledge Installer. Installers without the Price Pledge logo will need to be contacted for an estimate.
Price Pledge LogoPrice Pledge Plus
Price Pledge Plus Recommended Installers participate in our Price Pledge** program and are Installers who consistently achieve a 4.5-star or above overall ranking in our survey results.

Need a little lift?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Austin Martin

See a tire or wheel package you would like to put on your truck or SUV but you do not have enough clearance for them to fit properly? Superlift and Traxda makes suspension lift kit or sometime it's called a leveling kit that will give you a little more clearance that you are looking for. These kits are designed to lift the front suspension to level the vehicle. On most trucks or SUV the clearance problem is the front, the rear usually have plenty of clearance. The kits work with factory suspension components to achieve modest ride height gains. Installation is straight forward and normally inexpensive. If you only need 1"-3' of clearance these kit will do the job. The Superlift and Traxda lift systems utilize one of three methods to achieve increased ride height depending on the vehicle’s suspension design. With the Coil Spacers system it allowed me to be able to put 33" tires on my Toyota 4Runner and I was able to install the kit in my own garage. Note that some special tools are required and this should only be attempted by a qualified person with experience.



Strut Extension - Most late-model 1/2-ton trucks and SUVs utilize a coilover strut for the front suspension; the shock and coil spring are together in one compact unit. A simple strut extension is utilized on these applications. This involves adding an application-specific spacer to the top of the factory strut assembly. This method does not preload the factory coil spring (which would degrade ride quality) or over-extend the factory shock. No modifications to factory-installed parts are required and no time-consuming dis-assembly of the factory strut is needed. The strut extension is easily removable should the vehicle need to be returned to stock, and some applications include modified extension stops if needed. Level-It strut extensions are the most cost-effective and efficient way to level the stance of your late-model truck.




  • Mounts on top of the factory strut assembly
  • Allows the use of plus-size wheels / tires
  • Easy installation and removal – no strut dis-assembly required
  • Ideal for restoring height lost from heavy front bumper / winch combos
  • Enhances appearance by leveling the stance of the vehicle
  • 10.9 grade metric hardware included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Torsion Keys - Vehicles equipped with torsion bars have a certain amount of adjustment built into the factory system. This suspension height adjustment takes place via a bolt that indexes on a torsion key attached to each torsion bar. Simply “cranking up” the factory system is not the right way to go about gaining minor amounts of lift due to a number of factors. Level-It torsion keys are direct replacements for the factory pieces but feature different torsion bar indexing. The forged-steel keys are 25% stronger than the cast factory pieces, and when necessary new metric hardware is supplied to prevent “over-cranking” the bars. Shock extension and mounting tool adapters are also included with some applications.


  • Heavy-duty forged steel construction is 25% stronger than OEM keys
  • Provided 1.5” to 2.5” of adjustable lift height
  • Designed to grab the “flat” of the torsion bar for a tighter fit
  • High-gloss powder coated finish
  • Shock extensions included with some applications
  • 10.9 grade metric hardware included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



Coil Spring Spacers / Block Kits - Applications that utilize a coil spring front suspension utilize a coil-spring spacer to achieve lift. In most 4WD applications, this spacer is constructed from laser-cut steel and mounts on top of the factory coil. Most 2WD vehicles utilize a steel-encased urethane spacer that will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time. Both designs ensure silent operation as the suspension cycles. When necessary, shock extensions are also included.

With some of the taller lift heights (3" to 3-1/2"), the amount of lift exceeds the factory rake. This results in a slightly rear-low stance that is popular in some areas. However, for those that want to maintain a level stance, or the traditional rear-high stance, a variety of different block kits are available to suit every taste or preference. All block kits are sold separately.



  • Steel-encased urethane spacer construction will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time
  • Urethane provides a smooth and quiet ride
  • Some spacer kits include shock extensions
  • Lift blocks include OEM features for proper spring pad engagement and bump stop function
  • Block kits include U-bolts and hardware
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


How do you know which wheels will fit?

Sunday, May 16, 2010 by Austin Martin

We can help you select the right wheels that will perfectly fit on your vehicle. We make it easy for you. Just go to Start by putting in your make, year and model of your vehicle and leave the fitment up to us. All you need to do is decide which aftermarket wheels will look the best on your vehicle. We test fit all the wheels for proper fitment before we make the recommendation for your vehicle.

All the wheels that you see in search results for your car, truck, van or SUV are ones we've already checked for proper fitment before they're even listed on our website for your application. You can also view the wheels on your vehicle, select the color of your vehicle and know how it's going to look on your vehicle before you buy the wheels. Just select "View on Vehicle" after selecting the model and size of the wheels that you would like to see on your vehicle. 

Stopping Your Oversize A/T Tires or M/T Tires

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Austin Martin

Need better brakes for your oversize All Terrain Tires or Mud Tires that you can't slow down fast enough? Give Hawk Performance brake pads a try. I have a Toyota 4Runner with 33X12.50X17 All Terrain Tires on it. Stopping the vehicle on 33" tires with the stock brakes was a challenge at times. Hawk Performance HPS pads offer 20-40% more stopping power over the Original Equipment pads.

 I installed the Hawk HPS street brake pads on my 4Runner and what a big difference it made. With the Hawk HPS pads the braking feels like I have the Original Equipment size tires back on the SUV.

Key Features and Benefits of Hawk Performance HPS Brake Pads:

  • High friction/torque hot or cold
  • Gentle on rotors
  • Very quiet, low nois
  • Improved braking over OE pads
  • Extended pad life 


If you have bigger tires, truck or SUV I would try the Hawk LTS Truck/SUV pads.

Key Features & Benefits of Hawk Performance LTS Brake Pads:

Improved braking over standard replacement pads
Smooth engagement
Extremely fade resistant
Low noise output
Low dust output
Extended pad life
Increased rotor life


     If you just can't stop, try the Hawk HP SuperDuty brake pads. The Hawk SuperDuty brake pads will give you the best stopping power but you will notice more noise and dust from these pads.

Key Features and Benefits of Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pads:

  • Stable friction output
  • Extremely fade resistant
  • Extended pad life
  • Increased rotor life
  • Much improved braking over OE pads

General Exclaim UHP Ultra High Performance Summer tire

Thursday, May 6, 2010 by Austin Martin

General Exclaim UHP is the tire you want if you are looking for an Ultra High General tUHPPerformance Summer tire at a great price.

I am using this tire now on my Nissan 350Z and I have been very happy with the performance. The two benefits that caught my attention are its wet traction performance and price. The General Exclaim UHP is designed to provide high levels of traction, response and control in dry conditions, along with superior hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions.

This tire won't take the place of a Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 (shown at left) or a Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 (shown at right). If you just need a great daily driver that will help you terrorize the off ramps, the General Exclaim UHP will be a great choice. 

Compare Ultra High Performance Summer tires.