Like Breyton wheels, but don't have a BMW?

Breyton has been designing and manufacturing aftermarket wheels for BMW vehicles for quite some time now.  With a few exceptions such as the Pontiac G8, you could not find these gorgeous wheels for your vehicle.

Until now. 

BE by BreytonWe now carry BE by Breyton -- a wheel line that holds true to the same trends of style and performance that have distinguished Breyton from the rest. The wheels are designed by Breyton, but optimally tuned with the domestic or European model in mind. 

The GTS-AV maintains similar lines to the Breyton Race GTSR-M, and is available in both a black painted, or hyper silver finish.

BE by Breyton GTS-AV (Black Painted)
    BE by Breyton GTS-AV (Hyper Silver)

The wheel is available in many Audi, Honda, Ford and VW applications. See if your vehicle will accept BE by Breyton wheels.


Thursday, September 30, 2010 by Michael Yee

Does BE by Breyton make a 19x9.5 in a 45mm offset in a 5 x 112 bolt pattern for mercedes
Monday, October 4, 2010 by Gavin

Yes, they do. Have you entered in your year, make, and model into the upgrade garage, and does the wheel come up for your vehicle?

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