Breyton Wheels for Porsche?

Up until last year, you could have a Breyton wheel on any car you liked, as long as it was a BMW. Then Breyton introduced BE by Breyton, which brought many other European vehicles into the fold except for one major player: Porsche.

Breyton Race GTSR-PF
Breyton Race GTSR-PF Black
Breyton GTSR-PF
Breyton Race GTSR-PF Silver

In order to match the performance requirements for Porsche vehicles, Breyton went to the next level with the Race GTSR-PF. This ultra-lightweight forged wheel is currently available exclusively for Porsche vehicles in a 19" diameter and weighs between 18 and 19 lbs., depending on the wheel's width. 


The wheel is offered in a very clean anodized silver and anodized black aluminum finish with an undercut lip design. The wheels also accept the O.E. Porsche center caps and you'd be able to reuse your Original Equipment lugs.


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