Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax Arctic

I drive in New England approx 8,000 miles during the winter. I have these tires on all 4 wheels. My car is a Focus wagon with KYB firm shocks on the rear and will go thru anything. We have 2 Focus wagons. One with summer tires and one with 4 snows. My wife insisted that I put all 4 on one car and leave the summer tires on the other and not drive it on the...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

I am a longtime Blizzak owner. The first set I owned was in 1998 for my Mazda Protege. It's amazing how Bridgestone continues to improve what I regard as the best winter season tire available. I've used DM1V's on my trucks and WS on my cars and crossovers for nearly two decades. They generally last 3 seasons before the multicell compound is broken down and...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Coming off a set of Goodyear F1 Asymetical's, this is a night and day comparison....why Ford didn't have these as the OEM tire for the Focus ST is beyond me!!! These things claw at the tarmac and they raise the bar on overall performance for the type of tire it is. I used to be able to break traction to the front wheels easily with the F1's...even when brand...  Read More

Conquer the Snow with Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

About twelve years ago, our SUV-test fleet consisted of 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Since then, we've had sportier SUVs like the Touareg and Cayenne. However, there's a part of me that misses the Grand Cherokee. There is something about sitting in a Jeep that makes you feel like you're unbounded and that you can travel anywhere. And apparently, there are many...  Read More

Tire Rack and the White House Raise Awareness About Tire Safety

Earlier this month, the White House announced a new tire safety and efficiency program — TireWise. We are proud to partner with the White House to help raise awareness about tire safety and take action to cut carbon pollution and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Most importantly, we’d aim to help consumers become more educated on the role tires play in...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS

Previously had same tires, but smaller, on Civic SI. They performed so well there I bought them from you for the Focus ST. On the Civic they were very good in wet, hydroplane resistance, snow - light and heavy - and ice. Focus is too new for me to have experice with tires, car and conditions requested. I am very pleased. Further, customer service was...  Read More

Who Makes the Quietest Winter Tires?

While most drivers expect a winter / snow tire to be louder due to their more aggressive tread patterns, there are some winter tires that are quieter than others. You may not have to give up the smooth and quiet ride that you've come to appreciate with your non-winter tires if you choose wisely. When it comes to comparing winter / snow tires, most...  Read More

Not Thinking About Tires Play of the Week: Everett Golson's 23-Yard Touchdown Pass to Ben Koyack

They weren't #thinkingabouttires. Just keep calm and focus on the task at hand and you can do great things. As a proud sponsor of Notre Dame football, Tire Rack shares Notre Dame's commitment to greatness both on and off the field. What does playing football have to do with creating the best tire buying experience in the world? Both require dedication, hard...  Read More

Tire Offerings for Subaru Vehicles

Subaru vehicles like the Outback, Forester, Crosstrek and Impreza are fantastic. They offer amazing capabilities with their race-inspired Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, while also achieving great fuel economy. These two items are critical when choosing a tire option for your Subaru.  One of the current top tires for the Outback, Forester and Crosstrek is...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D

Great winter tire.. haven't tried others yet on this Focus ST, but compared to other winters I ran on my Se-R Spec-V these are as good as anything I tried... glare ice traction could be a bit better but supposedly the 4D do that... I'm decidedly against dunlop since esperiencing their crap on a motorcycle and some econo tires... but this one is really pretty...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax HP

Ok, I have installed these tires on a previous auto (98 Pontiac GTP) and really enjoyed the quality of the tires. I install these on my 2010 Focus SES thinking I would get the same quality and I was sadly mistake. Now, the snow and rain traction is unbelievable, but the tire wear and noise is horrible. I think the wait of the GTP is the big difference, so I...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General AltiMAX RT43 (T-Speed Rated)

I have recently installed these tires on my Focus and they are great! They are better than the Goodyear Eagle RS-A's that I previously had. I have only had them for about a month but so far, they have been stellar in heavy rain as well as dry roads. These tires inspire confidence and I will buy these tires again. Hopefully I get more mileage out of these...  Read More

Which Tires Last the Longest?

As a consumer shopping for tires, there are many important attributes and characteristics that you should take into consideration. For example, some tires have better wet traction for rainy days, while some are designed to handle winter's toughest conditions. There are tires that focus mostly on maximum dry grip on the race track, and others that are meant...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS

These tires have been outstanding in all conditions. Snow traction has been phenomenal especially after one of the worst winters in 10 years. Wet traction very good. Tires were quiet but have gotten louder lately due to some uneven wear. Regardless of the other reviewers ill-guided opinions, I don't blame this on the tires, it was due to my car's alignment.Do...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

This is my 3rd review of this tire and I was compelled to write. At 48,000 miles, I still have 5/32 tread left of the original 10/32. The S in the DWS system is still visible and it rides and handles like the first day I bought them. I have absolutely no doubt this tire will reach or surpass the claimed 70,000 mile tread life. It is the best tire I have ever...  Read More

Michelin Replaces Primacy MXV4 with the New Premier A/S

Michelin is known in the tire industry and by drivers worldwide for their technology and innovation. In 1946, Michelin produced the first radial tire. In 1992, Michelin introduced high silica rubber compounds and Green X technology. Continuing to develop new and exciting products, this year Michelin released the first tire with Evergrip Technology, the Prem...  Read More

How to Choose the Correct Track Tires

Are you heading to your first driving school or lapping day? Or are you already a track veteran who's looking to go even faster? Whenever you go to the track, having the right set of tires is essential to going fast, being safe and having fun. What type of tires do you need to bring for a track event? Depends on the type of event, the expected conditions and...  Read More

Sports Car, Sporty Coupe and Performance Sedan Owners Need to Look at Hankook's Ventus S1 noble2

Hankook's newest addition to the Ultra High Performance All-Season category is their Ventus S1 noble2. This tire feeds the all-season sport needs of those with sport coupes and performance sedans looking to combine on-road performance with all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Unique to Hankook, their Kontrol Technology, along with other...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Defender

Great tire, no discernible wear and they have had 3 trips up and down the west coast, relatively quiet even on an economy car like the 2010 Focus.   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

We did have the Goodyear Triple Tread on our 2004 Honda Odyessy and it has performed extremely well. Our primary focus was to find an all season tire that perfomed very well in the rain or snow. The Triple Tread on the 2004 Odyessy exceded our expectations. The 2004 Honda sized tires did not create ANY noise issues, and we are pleased with the ride and...  Read More