Hurst Gives Your New Mustang or Camaro That Old School Look with the Shaker

Ever since Detroit restarted the muscle car war with the new Camaro and Mustang, many people have looked to give these vehicles a retro look with classic five-spoke wheels. In an effort to mix old school looks with modern finishes, Hurst has introduced the Shaker in 20" staggered width fitments for both vehicles. The wheel is also a fit for the following applications:

  • Pontiac G8
  • Chrysler 300
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Magnum
Hurst Shaker
Hurst Shaker
Hurst Shaker
Hurst Shaker

Shaker wheels retain the classic five-spoke design with an innovative design that allows the owner to use either black or gold inserts in the center of the spokes to personalize the application. The inner barrel and sides of the spokes are painted black and clearcoated to hide brake dust, while the edges of the spokes are machined to expose brushed aluminum underneath for contrast. Available in both 20x8.5 and 20x10 sizes, the Shaker wheel is perfect for either a square set-up with the 8.5" wide wheel on all four corners or a mix of the two widths to put the wider tires and wheels on the back axle only. 

To see if the Shaker is a fit your vehicle, visit our Upgrade Garage.

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