Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S PlusReviewer's Overall Rating: 9.29

2009 BMW 750Li
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Miles driven on tires: 5,000
Location: jarrettsville, md
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 5,000 Miles on Tires
August 23, 2012

I bought these to replace my continentals which were wearing great, but the sidewalls rolled, steering response was not good. I actually took my 750Li to a BMW driving school. These tires ROCK! my 5000 lb beast surprised everyone! I was passing all but two of the other cars. It was a shocking performance(mostly to me) These tires held in there through 60 mph 90 degree turns! They were screaming, but held well enough to let me pass Porsches, 3 series, and one of the corvettes that showed up. The fact that this car was even close to the other cars was amazing. The tires held up to dozens of 130mph - 40mph then being thrown into a hard turn. Even the treads held up well, i did not have to replace the tires after two days of racing. On the street, they are very civilized. Almost as quite as the continentals. the ride was tighter than the continentals, but steering response more than makes up for it. I have had these tires on other cars, They are not great in snow. I am very happy with their performance in rain. I am taking them to another track event which will probably finish them off, so i can't talk about wear, that would not be fair.

Coil-Over Kit Basics

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 by Logan Woodworth
Bilstein PSS10 Coil-Over KitCoil-Over: an automotive suspension device which refers to a spring or "coil" mounted over the damper (shock or strut).

There are advantages to the coil-over versus a conventional spring and damper system that include ease of installation and simplified height and stiffness adjustment. Many coil-overs offer easy fine-tuning that's not available from conventional suspension systems.

Coil-Over Kits are available for many German vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. There are also many domestic and Japanese fitments for cars such as Corvette, Mazda Miata and RX7, Nissan GT-R, 350/370Z, and many others.

Tire reviews for our new automobile tires are rolling in!

Friday, April 16, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
Your peers are sharing their opinions on the new automobile tires we added to our inventory. If you've been considering a set for your own vehicle, you'll want to take advantage of this first-hand information. Here's a look at what's being said.

Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500

"What a tire! These were the first Firestones I ever purchased and I was impressed beyond expectations, wet, dry traction, cornering, noise, performance....it's all there." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Chevrolet Corvette, MI

Goodyear Assurance ComforTread Touring
"Waited for these tires to come out for a few months. So far, so good. A little noisier than I anticipated though, but handling is pretty, pretty good." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Toyota Avalon, NJ

Kumho eco Solus HM KR22
"I bought these knowing that driver comfort and long wear were my primary motivating factors. I use my car as a dedicated commuter car that spends the majority of time at highway speeds and these tires have been a pleasure in terms of taming road noise. They also provide a comfortable ride and help quell bumps/shocks from entering the cabin." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Toyota Corolla, CT

Kumho Solus KL21
"I have only driven 300 miles with these tires and I have been trying to take it easy during the break in period. Occasionally, I have had to corner, brake or swerve quickly because of road situations and these tires responded admirably. I held the road well and came to secure quick stop with no tire squeal." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Chevrolet Blazer, NJ

Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (H&V)
"Sumitomo HTR tires are excellent at highway speeds (70 mph) changing lanes through 2" piles of slush and wet conditions. No hydroplaning noticeable. Car has much better cross wind and strong gusting wind stability now." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Nissan Versa, Canada

Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (W)
"We have recently had a "Nor'easter" here in PA with 6 inches of rain in 24 hours, and I have been putting the Sumis to the test. I only have 200 miles on the tires, but I have been very impressed so far. I have plowed through small lakes with ease, the tires cutting through the standing water like a hot knife through butter. I have pushed the car around corners in a downpour, and the tires held well. I like the overall performance of the tire." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Acura TL, PA

Yokohama AVID ENVigor (H&V)
"I have only driven 100 miles on these, but they have my unqualified endorsement. They are as quiet and smooth as my old V4S tires, but seem to have more responsiveness and 3-4 mpgs better than the prior tires, as compared to when they were both new. Great tire." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Toyota Camry, OH

Yokohama AVID ENVigor (W)
"HEAVEN!!! Very little road noise and living in NYC with the thousands of pot holes from recent storms was a easy way to quickly gauge the reaction and feel of the tires. I'm very satisfied with the results. When quickly moving to avoid a crater of a pothole the tires carried the weight of the car without any need to overcompensate the steering to maintain lane position. LOVE THESE TIRES!!!" — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Acura TL, NY

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Increase your Corvette's performance with a few aftermarket products.

Monday, March 29, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
The Corvette is a powerful vehicle, made even more so with a few aftermarket upgrades. And at Tire Rack, we're in the game of knowing exactly what those upgrades should be—starting with Corvette suspension products.

The Eibach Multi-Pro R2 Coil-Over Kit shown at right facilitates precise tuning for optimum handling balance. You can also adjust dampening for more comfort or the ultimate in grip. The choice is yours, which you'll base on your driving style.

And speaking of style, you're probably well aware of our selection of Corvette tires and Corvette wheels. To see these, and also the Eibach kit above, you'll want to take advantage of our Upgrade Garage—entering your Corvette's specifications will make you privy to a whole slew of aftermarket products that suit it, including Corvette shocks and Corvette brake pads.

In no time at all, you'll be driving that "brand-new" 'vette of your dreams.

Corvette Shocks

Friday, December 4, 2009 by Tire Rack Team
If your Corvette shocks need to be replaced, Tire Rack can help. For example, if you drive a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (like the one pictured), you might be interested in the following:

KONI Sport Shocks: "They made my Integra look so sexy and the ride quality is still very good. These shocks and springs are very good!" — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Acura Integra, TN

Bilstein HD Shocks: "Fantastic ride. I'm using the Bilstein HD in the rear and KONI Sport in the front. Wow what a ride and handling! Fun and safe to drive." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Audi A6 2.7T, NY

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