Hawk Brake Pads for Your Performance Car

Friday, July 2, 2010 by Rudy Riedel
Are your brakes a little tired? Looking for high performance pads for your sports car? Try the brake pads that I always use: Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads.

Hawk Performance is the Original Equipment recommended performance brake pad upgrade for Chevrolet Corvettes and is an accessory performance brake pad supplier for Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai. They also provide brake pads for NASCAR, SCCA and NHRA.

Let’s take a look at a couple solutions for the driving enthusiast.

Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads (Premium)

Hawk Performance HPS Street Brake Pads (Performance Street)

I have used both of these brake pads on my cars. The ceramic pads have improved stopping power, create low dust and are very quiet. This pad is very easy to live with. The HPS pad will offer improved stopping power over the ceramic, but will have a little more dust. I also noticed that both of these pad compounds had longer life than my stock pads; that was a nice surprise.

Increase your Corvette's performance with a few aftermarket products.

Monday, March 29, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
The Corvette is a powerful vehicle, made even more so with a few aftermarket upgrades. And at Tire Rack, we're in the game of knowing exactly what those upgrades should be—starting with Corvette suspension products.

The Eibach Multi-Pro R2 Coil-Over Kit shown at right facilitates precise tuning for optimum handling balance. You can also adjust dampening for more comfort or the ultimate in grip. The choice is yours, which you'll base on your driving style.

And speaking of style, you're probably well aware of our selection of Corvette tires and Corvette wheels. To see these, and also the Eibach kit above, you'll want to take advantage of our Upgrade Garage—entering your Corvette's specifications will make you privy to a whole slew of aftermarket products that suit it, including Corvette shocks and Corvette brake pads.

In no time at all, you'll be driving that "brand-new" 'vette of your dreams.

Hawk Brake Pads

Monday, January 11, 2010 by Tire Rack Team

Leading the industry with advanced friction technology, Hawk brake pads have a strong following among weekend racing enthusiasts. And as they continue to develop high performance brake pads, Hawk is gaining popularity among everyday drivers, too. Hawk supplies accessory performance brake pads to Mazda, Nissa and Hyundai, and Hawk brake pads are recommended as O.E. upgrades on Corvettes.

Hawk brake pads suitable for everyday driving include:
HP Plus Brake Pads
HPS Brake Pads
LTS Brake Pads
Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
SuperDuty Brake Pads

Search all brake components.

Corvette Brake Pads

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by Tire Rack Team

Shopping for car parts can be tricky—how do you know if it's a perfect fit? This can be especially nerve wracking when it comes to brake components. They're pretty much the most integral part of your entire vehicle, as stopping power is crucial. So if you're shopping for Corvette brakes (or any brakes, for that matter), you can breathe a sigh of relief: Give us the specifications of your 'Vette, and we'll do the rest.  

Take the Corvette above, for example. It's a 2009 Z06. With a quick search by vehicle, we were able to view an entire list of suitable brake products from reputable brands like Brembo and Hawk. And every list we generate for you includes detailed product information, even Tire Rack consumer reviews when available.