Continental TrueContact - An Affordable Tire for All Seasons

Do you live in an area of the country that sees minimal to moderate snowfall during the winter? Are you looking for a tire that provides good traction in light snow without switching for a dedicated Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package? Then take a look at the TrueContact, the Touring All-Season tire from Continental. The TrueContact is developed for coupes,...  Read More

What Everybody Needs to Know About the Best Tire Pressure for Their Vehicle

Different tires have different personalities. It may be hard to imagine that something as mundane as tires can behave in different ways. Most people know that summer tires are stickier than all-season tires, all-season tires provide better grip in cold temperatures than summer tires and winter tires are unbeatable in colder conditions. Digging even deeper,...  Read More

Best All-Terrain Tires for the Money

Here at Tire Rack, we often encounter customers who are looking for some aggressive tires that perform well on the mud trails, yet won't rattle the teeth off their mouth on the highway. By now you have probably figured that choosing tires involves a certain degree of give and take - you can't have the most grip and high mileage at the same time. Granted,...  Read More

You Have a Bubble in Your Tire. What Now?

There are three main causes of tire failure: a manufacturer defect, damage due to overloading/underinflation or a road hazard occurrence (punctures, potholes, etc.). Tire technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last several decades, so it comes with no surprise that the latter two causes account for the vast majority of tire failure incidents....  Read More

The Revolutionary Bridgestone DriveGuard

 If there is one single thing about tires that seems to unite consumers almost unanimously, is people's dislike of the ride quality of run-flat tires. Surely, the technology has its advantages, like the ability to drive the vehicle to safety up to 50 miles at 55 mph. In addition, some vehicles don't come from factory with a spare tire, which makes a run-flat...  Read More

If You Struggle With Winter, Consider a Tire & Wheel Package

Folks in the northern part of the United States can attest to the headache of driving during the winter months. As treacherous as driving in those conditions can be, kids still have to go to school, errands have to be run and jobs tended to. Driving in winter conditions is all about confidence. Recent advancements in vehicle stability technology have allowed...  Read More

Tire Stretching

As most of you know, tire stretching is not a good idea. If you're not familiar with the procedure, it involves stretching a tire beyond the recommended rim width range. For example, mounting a tire with a rim width range between 6" and 8" on a 9" wide wheel. The tire barely sits on the bead seat and creates a gap between the sidewall and rim.Tire...  Read More

Performance Winter / Snow Tires vs. Studless Ice and Snow Tires

One of the most frequent questions I answer has to do with the differences between Performance Winter / Snow tires and Studless Ice and Snow tires. The differences are quite simple. While both types of tires will give you superior traction on snow and ice in comparison to all-season tires, Performance Winter / Snow tires provide greater handling and steering...  Read More

BBS Wheels for Chevy Corvette

BBS wheels need no introduction. They are synonymous with motorsports and have been the go-to wheels for drivers looking for style, strength, and durability. With years of success in motorsports, BBS is considered the leader in wheel manufacturing and is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of engineering technology and then applying this experience to...  Read More

Michelin Primacy MXM4

Great rounds of testing these past two weeks! Had a chance to test one of my favorite Max Performance Summer tires -- the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 -- on the dry track and, as always, it didn't disappoint. An earlier trip to Barber Motorsports to attend the Porsche Sport Driving School further consolidated my impression of the PS2 as one of the...  Read More

Winter Tires for Heavy Duty Trucks -- Things to Consider

As the winter tire-buying season proceeds at full speed, some are considering P-metric truck tires for their heavy-duty, 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks because they're less expensive than tires with the proper C, D or E load ratings for their vehicles. But the bottom line is they don't possess enough load capacity.When it comes to buying winter tires with proper...  Read More

O.Z. Racing Ultraleggera HLT Centerlock Now Available for Ordering

Since creating its first wheels in 1971, O.Z. Racing has established itself as a leader in the world's light alloy wheel industry. O.Z. Racing produces standard equipment wheels for some of the most exclusive automobiles in the world including Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lotus.Tire Rack is proud to announce the addition of the...  Read More

Inexpensive Wheels for Winter Use

When it comes to winter driving, there is no substitute for a winter / snow tire. Winter driving is all about confidence, and while there are a couple of all-season tires out there that will provide superior winter performance, they still emphasize longer wear, a quieter ride or greater performance...not winter traction. Winter tires offer the type of...  Read More

Tearin' it Up at the Porsche Sport Driving School

I must say; I have a great job. Not only do we get to test some of the best tires here on our own track in South Bend, but occassionally we're offered the opportunity to attend performance/racing driving schools like the Porsche Sport Driving School in Birmingham, AL.I just came back from a trip to that school where, against all reason and logic, I was given...  Read More

A First Look at the Blizzak WS70

We're in the middle of our ice rink test of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70. We actually take our BMW test cars to a local ice hockey arena and perform a variety of tests ranging from acceleration, braking, and cornering on ice. I just came back from testing the WS70 alongside the other three tires chosen for this comparison -- the Continental...  Read More

Blizzak WS70 - Still the King of Snow Tires?

I know, I's still summer and some of you may have just started working on your tan. But truth be told, 75% of us will have to deal with wintery weather sooner or later. At one point last winter, we had 48 states with snow on the ground — and with that comes the "which winter / snow tire to put on your car" decision.Bridgestone introduced a new...  Read More

The Lowdown on Low Rolling Resistance

With the advent of new green propulsion technologies for cars, light trucks, and SUVs, it is only natural that tire manufacturing companies would take an interest in developing more fuel-efficient tires. Market demand for such tires will only continue to increase as the fleet of hybrid, electric, and diesel-powered vehicles grows and becomes more and...  Read More

The best tire for your car is...

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I encounter on a daily basis -- well, maybe a close second to "How much is this tire?" -- is "What is the best tire for my vehicle." My answer more often than not is, "Define best."Some people consider a tire the best because it lasts longer. To others, the best tire is one that offers the best traction on wet and...  Read More

Hablamos español!

En Tire Rack, hablamos su lengua!Tire Rack tiene expertos entusiastas de autos que reciben entrenamiento para asegurar que los productos comprados puedan ser utilizados en el vehículo que serán instalados; además, ofrecen consejos, sobre niveles de rendimiento de los mismos. Cada miembro recibe aproximadamente 80 horas en el salón de clases o tras el volante...  Read More

First tire test of 2010 - High Performance All-Season tires

One of the perks of the job is being able to test the tires we sell. We are one of the few -- if not the only -- company in our field with our own test track. And because of this, we are able to provide first-hand, non-biased critiques based on these tests because we get to actually experience how each tire behaves in different situations.And we get to drive...  Read More