Ride Like a Rockstar!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 by Steve Huffman

You've seen them all over the place and now you want to know where you can get a set of Rockstar rims from KMC XD Series? Tire Rack has you covered. These wheels are one of our best sellers. The KMC XD Series Rockstar comes in three coveted finishes: machined with black accent, chrome and black. They're even available for your heavy duty dually. Go big or go home because these bad boys rock out in sizes 16" to 24" for your Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, JEEP, Hummer and many other off-road vehicles.  

Do you need tires to go along with a set of Rockstars? Then build your ideal Tire & Wheel Package today!

Rockstar (black)

Rockstar (chrome)
Rockstar (machined)
(machined with black accent)


Wheel Spotlight: KMC XD Series Rockstar

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 by Ben Rooney
KMC XD Series RockstarThe Rockstar has been one of the most popular wheels in the KMC XD Series lineup. Its classic five-spoke design combines with a deeply concave face and unique 'floating' center cap for a look that is both distinctive and aggressive. Having seen these wheels on trucks in our parking lot, I can definitely say they stand out. 

Available to fit a wide variety of trucks and SUVs, the wheel's wide widths and negative offsets are available to accommodate many lifted applications with oversized tires. It is available in diameters up to 24" and widths as wide as 12". Not all widths and diameters will be available for every vehicle application, but there are a broad range of fitments from which to choose. 

The wheel also comes in a version for dually pickups. Read a prior blog post of mine for details on custom wheels for dually trucks, as well as a photo of the Rockstar in the dually version. That version has a somewhat different appearance due to unique fitment requirements. 

Besides the black painted version shown above, the Rockstar is also available in a chrome and machined with black accent finish. As with any of our wheels, you can shop by vehicle to see which truck rims are available to fit your application. 

Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Monday, February 6, 2012 by Cy Chowattukunnel

Have you been checking out our Wheel Clearance Event?

One unique finish that may have caught your eye is the bright PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish on the Bremmer Kraft BR05. Physical Vapor Deposition is when the manufacturer electrostatically applies an ionized vapor to the alloy surface in a closed chamber. The process creates a finish that's bright but a little more resistant to weather and corrosion compared to traditional chrome rims. The photo below shows how the BR05 (on the right) compares to a popular chrome wheel from Von Max, the VM2.

Tire Rack

Although every driver has his or her own preference, I like the look of the BR05 on white, black, silver and grey vehicles. The mesh styling will also work with many different applications, including the staggered 19" sizes available for the 2009 (E60 chassis) BMW 528i Sedan. 

A set of 19x8 20mm offset front wheels and 19x9 20mm offset rear wheels combined with the versatile Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03 in 245/35-19 and 275/30-19 is only $1480* plus shipping. The front wheels have been marked down from $235 to $149, while the rear wheels are currently $89.

19x8 20mm offset Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05
Bremmer Kraft BR05
245/35R19 Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03
245/35ZR19 G-MAX AS-03



  1. I want to be able to rotate my tires, can I run either the 19x8 20mm offset or the 19x9 20mm offset option on the front and back? If so, what tire size should I run? Either wheel will work in both positions with a 245/35-19 tire. When you select the 245/35-19 size and the 19x9 wheel, you'll have less rubber protruding beyond the edge of the rim making it easier to scrape the outside of the wheel.

  2. Will the Bremmer Kraft BR05 accept my original BMW center cap? Yes, or you can purchase additional O.E. caps for $15 with your order.

*Prices subject to change, limited quantities, including sensors and excluding shipping


KMC XD Series Monster - Aggressive Style

Monday, January 30, 2012 by Alex Mouroulis
KMC XD Series MonsterThe KMC XD Series Monster brings an aggressive style to your four-wheel drive pickup truck or SUV. Featuring a split-spoke design, the Monster's center is tucked back further than the lip section, offering a wide stanced, off-road appearance.

Designed using the gravity casting construction method, the wheel offers excellent quality at a very affordable price. It has a multi-piece look that emulates the appearance of more expensive beadlock truck wheels. Lug heads are actually cast into the wheel to create the two-piece effect.

Featuring a covered lug design, the Monster keeps the appearance of your 4x4 smooth and sleek. Monster wheels are offered in the modern 5- ,6- and 8-lug bolt spreads to fit your rig, with offsets ranging between +35 and -44. The wheel is available in the following sizes:
  • 18x9
  • 20x9
  • 20x10
  • 22x9.5
  • 22x11
  • 24x10
Available in black (shown above) and chrome, the Monster from KMC XD Series is a great option to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Wheel Clearance Event: Chrome Wheels for BMW 7 Series

Monday, January 16, 2012 by Cy Chowattukunnel

Do you love your manual transmission but need a bigger car? Today, there aren't many options for you to choose from. Dodge has hinted about rolling out a manual version of the Charger SRT-8 but right now they seem to be stuck in, well, neutral. BMW has confirmed they'll be offering the new M5 with a manual transmission.

We would like to thank BMW for offering a manual transmission on the E23 (1978-1987) and E32 (1988-1994*) BMW 7 Series. These vehicles offer classic styling, lots of room, good handling and the freedom to shift when you want to shift. 

If you still love your 735i and would like to add a little sizzle to your ride, take a look at the 18x7.5 20mm offset chrome plated Zinik Z24 Risso marked down from $255 to $99 per wheel.***

What if you're interested in purchasing 18" tires? Both 245/40-18 and 235/40-18 sizes are compatible, however I personally would recommend 235/40-18 because 245/40-18 seems a little too wide for a sports luxury sedan. For a great balance of wet and dry grip, low tread noise and decent wear, consider the Kumho Ecsta 4X. Enjoy this combination mounted and balanced and ready to install for only $952.**

18x7.5 5-120 20mm offset Zinik Z24 Risso
18x7.5 5-120 20mm offset Zinik Z24 Risso
235/40-18 Kumho Ecsta 4X
235/40-18 Kumho Ecsta 4X

If you're puzzled as to why the Ecsta 4X doesn't appear in our Tire Survey Results, it's because we haven't accumulated our minimum number of surveys and reported miles. The Ecsta 4x is the replacement for the popular Ecsta ASX and during "Testing Value-Priced Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires" we found the Ecsta 4X had improved across the board, especially in wet grip.

In addition to the 1980-1992 735I, a set of these chrome wheels also fit other low offset BMWs such as: the 1977-1984 BMW 633Csi, the 1986-1989 BMW 635Csi, the 1978-1984 BMW 733i, 1993-1994 BMW 740i, 1980-1986 BMW 745i and the 1988-1994 BMW 750iL.

*Manual transmission phased out last few E32 years
**Prices subject to change, plus shipping
***Extremely limited stock

Wheels for Dually Pickups

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by Ben Rooney
Tire Rack has recently partnered with wheel brands Ultra and KMC XD Series to offer custom wheel styles for dually trucks. Below is a sample of the wheels currently available, with the Ultra Goliath Dually and KMC XD Series Rockstar Dually also available in a chrome finish:

Ultra Goliath Dually
Ultra Goliath Dually
Ultra Type 2 Dually
Ultra Type 2 Dually
KMC XD Series Rockstar Dually
KMC XD Series Rockstar Dually
These wheels are sold in sets of four, with different front and rear part numbers to accommodate the unique offset requirements of dually trucks. The inner rear wheel is retained on both rear corners to complete the set. They meet all required load ratings for their specified applications.  

Each wheel is available in 16" and 17" rim diameters.

Shop by vehicle to find the wheels that are a match for your vehicle.

Bring Back Style to Your Mercedes-Benz with ASA Type 8 Wheels

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by Cy Chowattukunnel
ASA Type 8 Chrome PlatedAlthough black, gray and machined finish have become popular wheel colors, they may not be the ideal match for your Mercedes-Benz. Chrome, especially on a black, navy blue or white Mercedes has a very proper look.

While Mercedes' cars are built to last, even a meticulously maintained and detailed Benz may be lacking because of its pitted, scratched or peeling chrome wheels. Peeling chrome can be a factor for those annoying air leaks.

If you've decided it's time to fix your wheel problems, take a look at the ASA Type 8. The wheel is the standard Mercedes 5-lug 8 hole design. (This design is often referred to as an 8 Hole because it's a flush disc with 8 oval-shaped holes around the perimeter).

It's available in silver and chrome finishes, with the option of using the Mercedes-Benz O.E. center cap. Adding a new set of tires to a wheel purchase to create a Tire & Wheel Package can also give your Mercedes a new look while receiving all necessary hardware including lugs, center caps and centering rings at no additional charge. Professionally mounted and balanced, a package arrives ready to install. Read 'How to Install Your Wheel & Tire Package" for more information.

If you are someone who drives approximately 5,000 miles annually at or slightly above the speed limit and having a tire that is quiet is one of your top priorities, then consider the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity or the Michelin Primacy MXV4. Both tires are quiet with good wet traction. The Bridgestone has slightly better wet grip while the Michelin tire offers better steering response. If you prefer the Michelin Primacy MXV4 and want them with a set of 15" Chrome ASA Type 8 wheels, they can arrive in Miami, Florida, for example, mounted and balanced for approximately $1326.* If considering an upgrade in sizing to the 16" version of the wheel, the total is roughly $1551.*

Begin creating your Tire & Wheel Package today.

*Prices subject to change

24" Wheels at Tire Rack

Saturday, April 9, 2011 by Chad Hocker

Looking for 24" wheels for your vehicle this spring?  Take a look at the newest line of 24" wheels from some of the top manufacturers:

Helo HE866 Chrome Plated

Helo HE866 Chrome Plated
Designed for cars, trucks & SUVs
Chrome Plated Finish  

KMC XD Series Thump
KMC Skitch Black Painted
KMC XD Series Thump KMC Skitch Black Painted
Designed for trucks & SUVs Designed for trucks & SUVs
Machined w/Black Accent Black Painted Finish

 Shop by vehicle to see which wheels work best for your vehicle.

American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5

Friday, March 11, 2011 by Chad Hocker
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5 wheels are exclusively available for many Corvette and Camaro models.
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5

American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5
Available Sizes: 17", 18", 19" and 20"
Finish: Chrome Plated

See if the MC5 or any other American Racing Authentic Hot Rod wheel fits your vehicle.

New American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Wheels

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by Chad Hocker
Take a look at the new American Racing Authentic Hot Rod wheels. Designed for hot rods of yesterday and today, the iconic five-spoked American "mags" still live on.
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Circuit Black Painted American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Circuit Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Circuit Black Painted
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Circuit Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Daytona Chrome Plated American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Daytona Machined w/Black Accent
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Daytona Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Daytona Machined w/Black Accent

Enhance your vehicle's look with a Tire & Wheel Package available at Tire Rack.

Chrome Rims

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Chad Hocker

Looking to add a little shine and bling to your vehicle? Then take a look at the newest line of chrome wheels from the industry's top manufacturers:

Helo HE834 Chrome Plated

ATX Ledge Chrome Plated
Helo HE834 Chrome Plated ATX Ledge Chrome Plated
Available in 18", 20" and 22" Available in 17"
Designed for cars Designed for trucks and SUVs

Helo HE791 8-Lug Chrome Plated
Helo HE791 8-Lug Chrome Plated  
Available in 16" and 17"  
Designed for trucks  

To see which wheel will fit your vehicle, shop by vehicle.

New Wheel Brands at Tire Rack

Friday, February 18, 2011 by Colin .

With spring right around the corner, it is a perfect time to get new wheels for your vehicle. Below are are a few of the newest wheel options and brands available at Tire Rack:

Helo HE868 (Machined w/Black Accent)  
Helo HE868
(Machined w/Black Accent)


Lorenzo WL26 (Chrome Plated) HRE P40 (Brushed w/Clearcoat)
Lorenzo WL26
(Chrome Plated)
(Brushed w/Clearcoat)

Shop by vehicle or contact one of our sales specialists for fitment options and pricing.


Pick Up New Truck Rims at Tire Rack

Thursday, February 17, 2011 by Chad Hocker
Looking for new wheels for your pickup truck? Below are a few of the newest wheel options available at Tire Rack:

ATX Ledge Black w/Teflon CoatingGranite Alloy GA14 Machined w/Black Accent
ATX Ledge Black w/Teflon CoatingGranite Alloy GA14 Machined w/Black Accent
KMC XD Series Rockstar Machined w/Black AccentUltra Wheels Predator 6 Chrome Plated
KMC XD Series Rockstar Machined w/ Black AccentUltra Wheels Predator 6 Chrome Plated

Shop by vehicle and input your vehicle's year, make and model to find the best wheels for your pickup truck.

New Wheels for Your C5 Chevy Corvette

Saturday, January 8, 2011 by Hunter Leffel
Is it time to freshen the look of your 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette? How about some new rims or wheels or maybe even a wheel and tire package to make that personal statement? Tire Rack carries a number of great options for your vehicle.

Here are a few examples:
Sport Muscle Z06

Sport Muscle Z06

Sport Muscle Z06
Finish: Chrome Plated

17- and 18-inch
Sport Muscle ZR

Sport Muscle ZR

Sport Muscle ZR
Finishes: Bright Satin, Silver Paint, Chrome

17- and 18-inch

Both of these options are also very economical with prices currently starting at $159 each.

HELP! Doing a RESTOMOD and need modern wheels and tires!

Thursday, January 6, 2011 by Mac McNabb
You just finished the bodywork on your '67 Ford and don't want the 14x5.5 wheels, you want the 17x8 chrome wheels to finish off the look!

Here is a road map to matching a custom wheel and tire combo to your classic car or restomod.

OffsetBolt Pattern1. Bolt pattern. You can’t just say, “It’s a Ford or Chevy.” You need to know the EXACT bolt pattern.  Often the Galaxy versus the Mustang for example had a different bolt spread due to different load ratings. 

2. Offset. You need to know your current offset. This can be calculated if you have the backspacing.  In order to calculate though, you need backspacing and wheel width and we can help from there. Even if you are going to make a dramatic change, your previous offset can be a good reference point!

3. Check your clearance. Jack up your car and lower it down onto jack stands so that your vehicle’s suspension is compressed. Turn the wheel left and right and see what type of clearance you have. Make sure you have the measurements on your baseline wheels to give us a starting point and we can go from there. With your baseline plus the clearances at the fully turned points, we can start to paint a picture of what your vehicle will be able to handle. 
4.  If you want to take it a step further, lower the vehicle onto about 4 inches of 1X6 stacked up on one corner. Then jack from the opposite corner slowly, with a spotter of course to handle the jack while you are observing. This simulates compressing your suspension, so you can get an accurate indication of how much travel you have and how that affects the wheel tire clearance in the wheel well.

5. Know your car! Find out what outside diameter maximums your tires can handle or what others have run on similar cars. If your car is fully custom, then mock something up with cardboard and work out the dimensions yourself. Always check forums and other fans of your car. If you have a Ford Galaxy, join the Galaxy Club of America and glean some info from other members!

With this wheel and tire information, along with your clearance info, we can help! Get in touch and we will get that classic Ford out of the garage in time for the spring car shows!

Color Coordinate your BMW!

Friday, December 31, 2010 by Tucker Glenn
BMW M3The ASA AR9 rim comes with colored spoke and carbon fiber inserts. Shown here is a 2009 BMW M3 with the carbon fiber inserts.

These wheels also come with red and chrome inserts, so you can change the look of your car with ease!

Now is a great time to think about upgrading your ride for 2011 with some new rims from Tire Rack!

Easy Winter Wheel Options

Friday, October 29, 2010 by Tucker Glenn
When selecting winter wheels and tires, whether it's for a BMW or an Accord, the same principles hold true regarding wheel finish. Painted finished are the most durable and any machined surfaces need to be covered in a clear coat for winter driving. Chrome and polished wheels are not recommended.

Sport Edition, MSW and Elbrus wheels are all great brands and most of their wheels are going to be perfect for winter use.

Sport Edition F7The Sport Edition F7 is a basic, 5-spoke design that's not flashy, but is easy to clean snow out of! And the silver painted finish is able to stand up to snow and road salt.

MSW Type 12The MSW Type 12 features a split, 5-spoke design in a silver painted finish. The split spokes can be a little more difficult to clean snow out of, but if you're not trudging through the deep stuff too often, it looks pretty cool!

Elbrus I03The Elbrus I03 features a multi-spoke design that has machined areas with an ICE coating. The ICE coating is what protects the machined areas during the rough winter months.

And there's plenty more to choose from! See what fits your vehicle and make your winter driving a little easier!

Inexpensive Wheels for Winter Use

Friday, September 3, 2010 by Cooper
When it comes to winter driving, there is no substitute for a winter / snow tire. Winter driving is all about confidence, and while there are a couple of all-season tires out there that will provide superior winter performance, they still emphasize longer wear, a quieter ride or greater performance...not winter traction. Winter tires offer the type of traction in the snow and ice that can sometimes make the difference between a safe trip home and getting stuck in below-freezing conditions.

In addition to winter / snow tires, we offer a variety of inexpensive, yet stylish, wheels to complement the looks of your vehicle. The majority of these inexpensive wheels are painted silver, gray or black (nothing chrome or polished, folks...those tend to not hold up very wheel to the salt, rocks, and debris that are common occurrence in snow driving) and are a practical alternative to mounting and dismounting tires on the same wheels twice a year. Tire Rack offers a variety of inexpensive alloy wheels from Sport Edition, Elbrus, moda, and Borbet for virtually any budget.

Is this in your immediate future? You need snow tires and wheels.
If you think about it, dedicated winter wheels make perfect $en$e: some of these inexpensive wheels are between $75-$99 depending on model and size. Typically, mounting and balancing tires will cost between $60 and $120 twice a year. Add it up and it's clear. In a matter of two to three winters, wheels pay for themselves and then some! And that's not even taking into account the time saved having to go to a tire shop twice a year.

So consider buying dedicated winter wheels this season. They're practical, efficient, and in the long run, a terrific investment. Call us or order online today!

Torqued off about needing torque?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 by Gavin Carpenter
If you need a torque wrench to make sure your new wheels and tires are on your vehicle correctly, we have a solution.
Tire Rack Adjustable Torque Wrench (Light Duty for Home Use)Tire Rack's Adjustable Torque Wrench may be just what you need for light duty installations at home.
The chrome-plated wrench is made of hardened steel and accurately measures up to 150 fft/lbs. of torque.  The click-type design helps you to avoid busting a nut or damaging the wheel or hub assembly of your vehicle.
A good addition to the wrench is a Thin Wall Socket to keep your wheels from being marred.

Give it a spin.

Items to help you install your tires and wheels

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 by Neal O'Neal
Tire Rack offers a wide selection of tools to help install your Tire & Wheel Package. Gorilla Extendable Power Wrenches and Thin Wall Sockets,, as well as  Tire Rack Adjustable Torque Wrenches, Aluminum Service Jacks, and more are all available.

Aluminum Service Jack
  • Lift Range: 3.5" to 19" (for almost any application)
  • Saddle Diameter: 4.75"
  • Chassis Width: 13"
  • Front Wheels: 2.5" x 1.75"
  • Rear Caster Width: 1.25" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 50 lbs.

Adjustable Torque Wrench (Light Duty for Home Use)
  • 1/2" drive adjustable torque wrench
  • Wrench clicks when the selected torque is reached
  • Accurately measures up to 150 ft./lbs. of torque
  • Chrome plated hardened steel includes 5" extension bar and 1/2" to 3/8" adapter

Extendable Power Wrench
  • 1/2" drive extendable power wrench only
  • Allows compact storage with a telescoping handle that extends from 14" to 22" for additional power and the leverage to help loosen stubborn lug nuts or bolts