Economy Winter / Snow Tires

They may not look as cool or ride as well as Performance Winter / Snow tires or Studless Ice and Snow tires, but they get the job done better than an All-Season Tire. They are Studdable Winter / Snow tires. You can stud them or leave the studs out, but if you choose to have them studded Tire Rack will stud them for $15 per tire.  Let's look at the top two economical choices within the Studdable Winter / Snow tire category.

General AltiMAX Arctic

General AltiMAX Arctic

  • Currently ranks 1st in tire testing and consumer survey results within the Studdable Winter / Snow tire category
  • All-WeatherDual Tread compound enhances cold weather flexibility and wet traction
  • Directional tread pattern improves hydroplaning resistance on wet and slush-covered roads with 270 degrees of high density siping across the face of the tire to enhance snow traction
Firestone Winterforce

Firestone Winterforce

  • Ranked 3rd in our testing, but still a good economical winter tire
  • Designed with a directional tread pattern incorporating stepped tread blocks that are siped offering bitting edges to improve snow traction
Read our full winter test results: Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Studdable Winter/Snow

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