Affordable Winter Rims at Tire Rack

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 by Chad Hocker
One of the benefits to having a dedicated winter tire and wheel package is the ease in switching from summer to winter tires, as you can do it at your convenience just before the snow hits. You no longer have to pay someone the typical $10-$15 dollars each to switch them out as that adds up over the seasons (approximately $320-$480 over four seasons).

Lets take a look at some excellent winter alloy wheel choices:

Elbrus WheelsRIAL Wheels
Elbrus I02Elbrus I05Rial FlairRial Como
Elbrus I02Elbrus I05RIAL FlairRIAL Como

Sport Edition Wheels
Sport Edition A7Sport Edition CXSport Edition F2Sport Edition F7
 Sport Edition A7 Sport Edition CX Sport Edition F2 Sport Edition F7
Sport Edition F10Sport Edition SXSport Edition TK1Steel Wheels
 Sport Edition F10 Sport Edition SX Sport Edition TK1 Steel Wheels, too

Like any of the RIAL Wheels, Elbrus Wheels, or Sport Edition Rims? We have 42 brands available and over 450 more styles for you to like. See which winter wheels will fit your vehicle in the winter package section at Tire Rack.

Comments on Affordable Winter Rims at Tire Rack

Thursday, November 1, 2012 by Ron Normandin:
09 ford fusion sel 17" winter rims for snow tires, would you have a price per rim?
Saturday, November 3, 2012 by Marshall @ Tire Rack:
Wheels for this car are available in large numbers and start @ $103/ea.

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