Need the Best Braking Power for Autocross or Lapping Days? Consider Dedicated Track Only Brake Pads.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by Zig Ziegler

Upgrading a vehicle's braking system is one of the easiest ways to increase driving performance and decrease lap times for any track event. The most common mindset a driver has is: "I need to make my track car go faster," but top-speed or acceleration is only half of the battle. Just because a track car is the fastest doesn't mean it'll finish first.  

The fastest car on the track will get you from corner to corner faster, but if the braking system is lacking in power the driver will need to brake sooner and for longer than a slower competitor with an upgraded braking system. Therefore, while you may be blazing by competitors on the straight-aways or make up time in between turns in an autocross event, the car with the better stopping power can carry a higher speed for longer into a turn, thus decreasing overall lap times. Decelerating is just as important to a track car as accelerating.


Hawk Blue 9012 Track Only Pads
Hawk Blue 9012 Track Only Pads
Hawk DTC60 Track Only Pads
Hawk DTC60 Track Only Pads

The easiest way to upgrade the braking system on any track car is to switch to a dedicated track only pad. These pads are not intended for street use as the friction material is too aggressive for everyday use, creating more brake dust and noise than your typical brake pad. However, they provide an unparalleled amount of stopping power that no street pad can match.

For lower speed autocross events and casual lapping days, Hawk has the Blue 9012 Track Only Pads and slightly less aggressive Black Track Only Pads. If you'll be autocrossing, lapping or road racing at higher speeds then consider the Hawk HT-10, DTC70, HT-14 and DTC60 pads.

Find brake pads online for your track vehicle when you shop by vehicle.

Ate brake pads and rotors for high quality replacement brakes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Gary Stanley
Looking to upgrade from conventional brake pads? 

The Ate (Ah-Tay) brand has been developed by the Continental Teves' group which is responsible for many outstanding original equipment braking and stability control systems. Among these OE applications are the BMW 3-series and Mini Cooper.
The pads incorporate vehicle specific formulations which provide excellent performance on a wide variety of applications.  
Ate Original Brake Pads European Applications


Ate PremiumOne Brake Pads Domestic and Asian Applications



Don't forget your brake rotors!  

Ate PremiumOne Brake Rotors  have a cool-looking and functional elliptical slotting, Patented RotorLife wear indicator. and a corrosion resistant coating to keep them looking new.

Would you like to know what Ate offers for your car?  Search our online inventory.

Akebono ProACT™ Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
Looking to upgrade from conventional brake pads? Akebono ProACT™ ceramic brakes are an excellent option—they even appear as Original Equipment on some of North America's most popular cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

"I chose these pads because I wanted something better than stock, with little fade, and less brake dust that would not eat up my rotors. These fit the bill. I've taken the same pads through two track days and a mountain run and experienced little to no fade and very little dust. Also I experienced NO noise at anytime." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Lexus GS420, GA

This review, among others, is so positive because of Akebono Ceramic Technology. It works to reduce vibration and harshness. And as ceramic brakes, you'll experience less brake dust, too.

Read more about the Akebono ProACT™ ceramic disc brake pads, then search our brakes online to see which products fit your vehicle.

Brake Pads and Rotors at the Tire Rack, Customize Your Brake System

Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Chad Hocker
Ever thought to buy brake pads and rotors online? With Tire Rack you can buy brake pads and brake rotors of your choice shipped to you, or your installer. Tire Rack has brake components to fit your vehicle broken down into four performance categories to help with the selection process. About a year ago, I noticed my Chevy Impala's brake system was not performing like I remembered. The Impala is used to get me back and forth to work in an efficient manor. All I needed was an Original Equipment replacement level brake product. I selected the Akebono ProACT Ceramic Brake Pads from the Premium Brake Pad category. I always like to use the products  Tire Rack carries to see for myself how they work in the field, so I made the purchase and got to work updating the Impala with my new Akebono ProACT Ceramic Pads.

The Akebono ProAct Ceramic Pads have met my expectations. They work well in rain and dry conditions and do not make a lot of dust. One thing I did notice during winter driving is the Akebono ProAct Ceramic Pads do have a little more initial bite as the front wheels have locked up a few more times than last winter with my O.E. brake pads (no ABS on the Impala). No worries; a small change to my braking style and I'm happy with the overall performance of the brake system on Centric Premium Brake Rotormy car.

Not to forget the brake rotors, as its always a great time to replace brake rotors and brake pads at the same time. The Centric Premium Rotor is a great Original Equipment replacement rotor. One thing I really like about the Centric Premium Rotor is the Electrocoating (E-coating) black finish. The finish really makes the rotors look sharp especially if you have a wheel that shows the rotors or, have a winter wheel that shows the rotor more than the summer wheels.

Check to see which rotors or brake pads work best for your car at Tire Rack. Tire Rack has many brake system options to chose from. I just wanted something like the Original Equipment brake system.  You may want to step it up for some additional performance. Tire Rack can offer you the custom brake pad and rotor package to meet your needs.

We've got ATE brake pads online.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
ATE ("Ah-Tay") brake pads come from one of the world's leading brake system manufacturers, Continental Automotive Systems—and we've put these brake pads online just for you.

Combining innovative technology with quality materials and expert engineering, ATE brake pads meet and exceed O.E. performance and safety standards across the board. And across the pond. ATE has been a trusted brake pad brand in Europe for over 100 years, and that proven expertise is something we at Tire Rack are very excited to share with our customers.

Our list of ATE products includes the PremiumOne™ brake pads. Advanced friction formulations enhance pad performance, reduce wheel dusting and extend pad life while shims, chamfers and slots minimize excess noise. These are excellent O.E. replacement options for both domestic and Asian vehicles alike.

Search our entire inventory of brake system products to find ATE brake components for your vehicle.

Tire Rack: Your one-stop online wheel shop!

Friday, November 6, 2009 by Tire Rack Team
Like clothes and computers, you can buy wheels online. And at Tire Rack, we do our best to be your top choice for an online wheel shop. Our shopping tools are designed to enhance your buying process, giving you expert fitment and performance advice at every opportunity. And that's all available to you because we've spent years training on and testing the various products we sell—from brake pads and wheels, to winter tires and shock absorbers.

Our extensive collection of wheels features a number of high-quality brands that are available exclusively at Tire Rack:

O.Z. Racing
Sport Edition
Sport Muscle
Sport Tuning

See our complete collection including American Racing, Breyton, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Enkei Performance Series and more.

Search by vehicle and enter our Upgrade Garage, which will show you all of the products—including wheels (right on your vehicle, on the screen)—that we have for your vehicle.

Yes, you can find brake pads online.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 by Tire Rack Team
At Tire Rack, all the tools you need to find brake pads online are at your fingertips.

Understand the four performance categories that are available:

• Premium
• Performance Street
• Autocross/Track
• Truck & SUV

Each category serves a distinct purpose for a specific type of vehicle. Check to see what type of brakes you currently have, then asses what it is you'd like to improve. You may want to upgrade your rotors, too. 

There is helpful information in Brakes Tech to outline the performance aspects of braking.

But what makes it easy is that you simply search by vehicle to see a complete list of brake pads and other brake components that will perfectly fit your vehicle. No guesswork is involved.

Performance isn't only about speed. It's about controlling speed.