Custom Colors Available for Ultraleggera HLT

Monday, March 5, 2012 by Ben Rooney

Thanks to the success of its custom color's program for the Alleggerita, O.Z. Racing is offering the same program for the Ultraleggera HLT. The HLT manufacturing is used to make larger wheel sizes lighter than they would otherwise be. For the Ultraleggera, nearly all 20" and most 19" sizes are produced using the HLT manufacturing process.

O.Z. Racing's color program is designed for tuners and enthusiasts seeking a distinctive wheel finish that stands apart from the usual silver, black or grey options that are by far the most common in the wheel industry. A few of the available colors include: red, orange (pictured), white and gold. 

O.Z. Racing builds and finishes each set of these wheels to order in Italy. Special orders in this program will take approximately 60 days to deliver. If you're willing to wait, the reward is a distinctive set of wheels that combine unique color with the high finish quality characteristics of all O.Z. Racing wheels. The Ultraleggera HLT can be ordered by itself, or you can select a tire to create a Tire & Wheel Package. To see if the Ultraleggera HLT is available for your vehicle, shop by vehicle

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