COMING SOON: New O.Z. Racing Wheels for the Porsche GT3!

Friday, July 16, 2010 by Tire Rack Team

Back in 1971, O.Z. Racing became a leader in the light alloy, aftermarket wheel industry—and that's a position they have yet to give up. New O.Z. wheels continue to impress us at Tire Rack, the newest of which is without exception.

O.Z. has unveiled their Superforgiata wheel, shown at right, which will take its place in our inventory later this year. It's a single-piece, forged wheel that comes in a small variety of fitments. And it works wonders with Porsche's center-lock application. Since these wheels are still going through production, we only know that they'll be lightweight—even lighter than BBS and Champion wheels. Specifically for Porsche applications, the 19x8.5 size is expected to be just under 17 pounds.

In addition to the Superforgiata, we are excited to announce another O.Z. aftermarket wheel that will be added to our inventory—a special version of the Ultraleggera HLT. Like the Superforgiata, it will also mesh perfectly with the center-lock application found on the Porsche GT3. Look for it in our inventory this fall.

If you can't wait for these new wheels, feel free to shop our current collection of O.Z. Racing wheels to find the perfect set for your vehicle.

Celebrate 40 Years of BBS Wheels!

Friday, June 18, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
In 1970, BBS rolled out their first aftermarket wheels that promised high quality and excellent performance. Today, 40 years later, BBS continues to make those same promises—and drivers everywhere continue to support the brand, making it a true leader in the aftermarket wheel industry. And on the track.

BBS has won more races (and in a wider range of categories) than any other wheel manufacturer. From F1 to Rally and Hillclimb vehicles, even GP
Motorcycles—BBS knows what it takes to cross the finish line. And they've always applied that knowledge to every aftermarket wheel they create. This is certainly a quality standard Tire Rack can appreciate, which is why we've always stocked a great selection of BBS rims.

Capture the essence of motosports—shop by vehicle to find your perfect set of BBS aftermarket wheels.

Ever wonder why aftermarket wheels are so great?

Thursday, June 17, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
Visually speaking, the answer to that question is fairly obvious. But there's more to an aftermarket wheel than simply the good looks. Aftermarket alloy wheels produce a number of performance benefits for your vehicle, starting with reduced unsprung weight compared to steel wheels. What is unsprung weight? Any portion of your vehicle not supported by the suspension system. Without that support, those components get hit with road shock and cornering forces. To combat that, wheels make steering precise and improve "turning in" characteristics.

Aftermarket rims are also lighter than steel rims, which helps reduce the overall weight of your car. Clearly a lighter car handles much easier than one with significant weight to it. In addition, alloy wheels are quite strong. And strong wheels support your tires in the corner.

Finally, alloy wheels are made with metals that conduct heat most excellently. Heat is moved away from the brakes, which reduces brake fade. And often, alloy wheels are designed in a way that allows air to flow away from the brakes a little easier.

Still wonder why aftermarket wheels are so great? Let's go back to that visual note. Play around in the Upgrade Garage to see what some of Tire Rack's best aftermarket wheels look like on your vehicle. You just might find yourself sold on a particular set from one of our manufacturers. A list that includes BBS, moda, MSW and more.

Tire Rack Introduces the BBS CH-R for Porsche!

Saturday, May 22, 2010 by Damon Witters
As one of BBS' primary US importers, we are so glad to announce that the much-awaited BBS CH-R wheel for Porsche is now in stock. Available in black or silver with polished stainless lips, they will take the stock Porsche center cap -- a BBS first! Low pressure cast and shaped using BBS' exclusive flow forming process,  they will provide all the strength of a forged wheel - at half the price!

BBS CH-R Porsche 5 x 130Available in:
19X8.5 5-130 ET51
19X9   5-130 ET53
19X10  5-130 ET38 
19X11  5-130 ET56
19X12  5-130 ET45

Available fitments will take stock Porsche center caps, TPMS sensors, and in most cases Original Equipment tires. BBS caps are included with the wheels.
Note: Unlike other car fitments, the Porsche wheels do NOT have the Motorsport etching adding to the clean look and lines of the wheel. 

Take a walk down pit row at any Indy or Formula 1 race and what do you see in the pits? That's right, mostly BBS.  Why? Because their reputation for quality and reliability is simply unsurpassed.

If you are able to be part of the Porsche family, be the first guy at the next PCA event with a set!

Aluminum Racing JACK!

Saturday, May 22, 2010 by Mac McNabb
Tire Rack Aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand SetTired of the extremely heavy jack and jack stands around the shop? That broken toe from dropping that jack barely healed?

Have a look at this lightweight aluminum racing jack. This would be the perfect addition to your garage!

Do you currently pay for a shop to change out your Winter Wheel Package? Are you thinking of giving that brake job a try instead of paying hundreds of dollars in labor at Midas? You need a floor jack, and if you go...go all out!

Do you need a set of jack stands to hold the car while working? You can buy them together in a combo and save a few bucks. A great father's day gift too!

So when it's time to switch from your Bridgestone Potenza  RE-11 tires on your BBS wheels to the Bridgestone Blizzak LM60 tires on your stock wheels, you are well equipped!

BBS Wheels. Befitting Beauty and Strength.

Saturday, May 22, 2010 by Ethan Burns
BBS your car.

When compromise is not an option, look to BBS wheels as the upgrade to your sports coupe or luxury sedan.
Since 1970 BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG has been designing some the the hghest quality wheels in the industry. Based in Shiltach, Germany the company was founded by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand. The initials BBS are an homage to the original designers and the city in which they founded the company.

BBS wheels has been the supplier of OEM wheels for automakers like BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar and recently the Lexus IS-F. Their strong, lightweight forged construction made them a favorite with the INDY Car series and with Formula One teams.

One of the the most revered is the RS-GT. With forged aluminum 2-piece construction secured with titanium bolts, its strength is only surpassed by the beauty of its deep polished lip.

See Tire Rack's full line of BBS wheels.

BBS Wheels at Tire Rack

Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Chad Hocker
BBS has been producing wheels for over 30 years which is just about as long as Tire Rack has been selling tires. What a great combination to enhance the performance of your Porsche -- BBS wheels and performance tires from Tire Rack.

BBS LM on Porsche 911
1997 Porsche 911 with BBS LM (Bright Silver with Machined Lip)

Your New Wheel & Tire Owner's Manual

Saturday, May 15, 2010 by Roger Laughlin
Owner's ManualWhether you purchased ASA, BBS, O.Z., or any of the other wheel brands we represent and it's time to install your new tires and wheels, you more than likely have several questions and we have the answers!

Let Tire Rack show you the way with our Tire & Wheel Owner's Manual available for download at This manual covers Tire/Wheel Package Installation, Wheel Lug Torque, Inflation Pressure, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Rotation, Tire Break-In, and Cleaning. So for all the answers, download your copy in PDF format today!

The Devil is in the Details

Thursday, May 13, 2010 by Luke Pavlick
Did you decide to get a new set of wheels for your toy? You know to dress her up a little. Well, it doesn't matter if you went with a big name like BBS or OZ Racing or went with something more budget friendly like an ASA or Verde style I know you want to get the most 'pop' out of your  purchase. So, here's a couple of easy tips to help you get the most impact.

If your new wheels have an open design, think about the surrounding parts. Here's a couple of examples I found roaming our parking lot earlier today.

A good looking Kazera KZ-H wheel with some Sumitomo tires recently installed on a Subaru Legacy but those brake calipers detract from the car's appearance even with the upgraded wheel.

How hard would it have been to grab some G2 caliper paint, which is available in 11 different colors, to clean things up a little and add a little flash?

Something like these OZ Racing Superleggera III wheels with Pirellis on a Ford Transit.

If the flashy red caliper is not your thing, here are some SSR wheels on a 350Z with the calipers painted black and some slotted performance brake rotors.
There are many little details which are often overlooked like valve stems and center caps. Many wheels even have optional center caps for a more personalized look. Metal valve stems are another option to improve the overall appearance of your new wheels.

To take things another step further you can also run high-end lugs from KICS or Ray's Engineering.

As they say 'the devil is in the details.'

My name is Luke Pavlick and I am a car guy.

C6 Corvette Tires and Wheels (Part 2: Wheels)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Brandon Lorenc
Wheels are just another name for Rims. Technically the Rim is just the outside edge section of the wheel that "touches" the tire. Among our most popular "rims" are American Racing Rims, Borbet Rims, OZ, and BBS. For the C6 Corvette, I like the lightest weight forged wheel that we sell in the stock, or Original Equipment 18 and 19 inch sizes. Those are the coveted BBS-GT, the Holy Grail of wheels. These are lightweight (21 lbs. front anf 23.5 lbs. rear) strong and beautiful looking wheels, especially in the Diamond Black Finish (also available in silver).

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Corvette Wheels

Friday, May 7, 2010 by Ed Singleton
 Looking for a new set of rims for your C6 Corvette?  Well then check out our selection of high quality wheels from BBS and OZ! Both of these manufacturers produce wheels that can be used on the street as well as the race track. These two wheel manufacturers have won multiple championships in several levels of motorsports.  
                                    OZ Superleggera III                  BBS RS-GT 

We can also mount and balance a set of tires on your new wheels.  An excellent tire choice would be the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11.  

Check out some of the other wheels we have by entering your vehicle make, model and year in the Upgrade Garage
                       Sport Edition Z06               Sport Edition C6           Sport Edition C6  

What is "Plus Sizing" and what are the benefits?

Thursday, April 29, 2010 by Mason Rush
Plus sizing is an option allowing drivers to customize the appearance and performance of their vehicle by mounting lower profile tires on larger diameter wheels. One-inch greater wheel diameter is referred to as plus-one, two inches is plus-two... and so on. Using a lower profile tire with a greater diameter rim allows the overall diameter to remain about the same, giving your vehicle a unique look with a new wheel and tire package.  You can find a complete lists all the wheels available for your vehicle at: Wheel Brands. Enter your vehicles make, model, and year in the field on the left and we will show you all the wheels our engineers have found to fit your vehicle. We will also give you the option to find tires in the correct size for your car or truck.  Here you will find new releases from OZ, BBS, Breyton, ASA and others. Find something your like ..... call me at 800-428-8355 x:692. Mason

Performance Wheels & Tires for 2010 Camaro

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Brandon Lorenc
The best way to shop for Performance Wheels & Tires for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is to go to our web site,, and enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

In this wheel and tire package example I used the SS version of the car with the RS package : Wheels for 2010 Chevy Camaro SS RS Package

Once you pick the wheels and add them to the cart you can then add the tires for your car, truck or SUV.

In my opinion the best bet for these Camaro Tires are the OE Pirelli P Zero tires.
You can read this Pirelli tire Review by clicking on the tire itself and then on reviews.

BBS CH-R wheels for 2010 Camaro      Pirelli P-Zero tires for 2010 Camaro

The package I created with the new BBS CH-R is the best looking in my opinion but we have many great choices in wheel styles. Have fun!

1 Porsche, 4 BBS Wheels

Thursday, April 15, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
BBS takes success on the track and applies it to wheels built for the road. All BBS wheels are visually appealing, but they go through strict safety tests to assure that they're stable as well.

The Porsche at right features BBS RS-GT wheels, but they're certainly not the only BBS wheels we've got at Tire Rack. In fact, we count over 35 different styles for you to choose from—one of which will be the look you want your vehicle.

In fact, you can search by vehicle to get started. In choosing a BBS wheel, you're committing to a brand that's been to the winner's circle in numerous racing events which means you can rest assured you're getting the quality you are looking for.

Aftermarket Porsche Wheels to use O.E. center caps

Thursday, April 8, 2010 by Chad Hocker
Porsche Center CapsWant to give your Porsche that custom look and still use your original Porsche center caps? We have BBS Wheels, O.Z. Racing Wheels, and Sport Edition Wheels that can be used and accept the O.E. center cap of your Porsche. Check our website tool for exact fitment and availability of each wheel as some may not work depending on the exact model Porsche. Click the Products Tab on the wheel summary page to see if the wheel will accept the O.E. center cap.

Looking for Porsche Tires to go with your wheels? Ship your tire and wheel together and we will mount and balance everything at no charge to you prior to shipping.

Take a look at  some of the other O.E. cap wheel options for Porsche from Tire Rack. 
BBS CH-RO.Z. Racing Alleggerita HLT WheelsO.Z. Racing Ultraleggera HLTSport Edition Cup 4
Check to see which Porsche wheel will look the best on your car using our exclusive view on vehicle tool. Just let us know which year and model Porsche you have, then select a wheel and click View on Vehicle.

Complete your look with Jetta tires and wheels.

Thursday, February 25, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
What's an outfit without the shoes? Same goes for cars, in a way.

A stylish Jetta should roll on an equally-stylish set of Jetta tires and wheels. Despite the fact that there are plenty of options, a short "drive" into our Upgrade Garage will help you narrow it down. Give Tire Rack your vehicle specs, and we'll compose a list of options you'll want to choose from. It's that easy. (We'll even recommend suspension upgrades, just in case you're interested.)

Like our Sportwagon at left? We think it's eye-catching. The black BBS rims are an impressive contrast to the white-bodied Jetta. Details? BBS CH wheels, Pirelli PZero Nero tires.

Maybe they'll fit your Jetta, too.

Performance Wheels

Friday, January 29, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
Some people choose alloy wheels based on looks, others choose based on their desired performance level. Many racers choose to change both wheels and tires on race day. And so, we'd like to recommend these performance wheels. (As it turns out, they also look good!)

Enkei Racing PF01
O.Z. Alleggerita HLT
TRMotorsports C3

Get the complete package—enter the Upgrade Garage to find performance rims and tires for your vehicle.

Check out these Corvette rims.

Monday, January 25, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
To drive a Corvette is to believe in the beauty of a high performance vehicle. And at Tire Rack, we tend to think that means you'll also appreciate a beautiful set of aftermarket Corvette rims.

Like, for example, the O.Z. Racing Botticelli III wheels featured on the Z06 at right. A polished lip and bright silver finish create a winning look that complements the Corvette's existing high style. Same goes for these Corvette wheels, too:

O.Z. Racing Alleggerita HLT
O.Z. Racing Raffaelo III

And the most beautiful aspect of aftermarket Corvette rims—they increase the performance levels of your vehicle as much as they enhance aesthetics. (Read more.)

Search for these wheels in our Upgrade Garage, and we'll show you what they look like on your Corvette. We'll also show you a selection of Corvette tires suited to your vehicle. (In case you're wondering, the Corvette above features Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires.)

BBS Wheels

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by Tire Rack Team

When it comes to motorsports, BBS is extremely successful. So it's only natural that they lead the way in wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. BBS rims are, after all, quite often the wheels of champions. It's about being light on weight, but heavy on safety—a combination that almost always improves the driving experience. Check out these top-selling BBS wheels:

CH-R                      CK                     LM-R

BBS Limited Edition LM for Nissan GT-R

Thursday, July 9, 2009 by Jason Rutherford
The Tire Rack currently has available a limited edition BBS LM made specifically for the new Nissan GT-R.  

The LM wheels were forged in Japan for a limited run production.  Until now, they were only available in the Japanese Domestic Market, but we were able to have some imported for the US market.  The specifications are as follows:

Front:    20x9.5   ET40   26.2lbs.
Rear:     20x10.5 ET20   26.4lbs.

Wheels have "EH" safety humps for run-flat tire safety.
Anti-slip coating on bead seat area to reduce tire slip.

Extra machining on back of rim to reduce weight.

Compatible with factory TPMS sensors.

Compatible with original equipment tires.

Available in Bright Silver, Diamond Black and Gold finishes.

Click the link above or here to be forwarded to Tire Rack wheel selection page to see all the wheels available for the 2008+ Nissan GT-R.  Once there, you can see the wheels on the GT-R by selecting the How to View on Vehicle link and follow the instructions. 

Availability is very limited!!!