High Quality and a Value Price with the BBS SR

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by Zig Ziegler

BBS' name is world renowned for making high-quality wheels. With years of success in motorsports, BBS is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of technology and then applying this experience to the street.

 BBS SR - Anthracite Painted
BBS SR Anthracite Painted
 BBS SR - Machined w/ Graphite Accent
BBS SR Machined with Matte Graphite Accent

The SR is one of their newest and most affordable cast aluminum monobloc wheels, made using one-piece counter pressure cast technology and optimized by FEM analysis. Using FEM analysis and computer simulations, wheel properties are determined and optimized during the design stage. Prototypes have to demonstrate their quality on laboratory test benches under extreme conditions. During series production, an effective quality assurance system guarantees that each wheel is of first-rate quality. All BBS SR wheels are currently manufactured in BBS's state-of-the-art facility in Germany.

BBS SR wheels are available in 16" - 19" sizes and offered in anthracite painted and machined with matte graphite accent finishes. Vehicle fitments for the wheel include BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and other foreign and domestic models.

Shop by vehicle to see if the BBS SR is a fit for your application.

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Winter Maxx

Monday, February 3, 2014 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

The following post was created from content submitted via Tire Rack's consumer surveys. Information shown is the opinion of the consumer and meant to be used for comparison shopping purposes.

Dunlop Winter Maxx Reviewer's Overall Rating: 8.8

2001 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg
More Tire Reviews for This Vehicle

Buy/More Info
Miles driven on tires: 250
Location: Plainfield, IL
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 250 Miles on Tires
December 12, 2013

We bought two sets of these (see comments about our '11 Jetta...literally the same experience as these). "Wolfy" has 124K on the odometer and is well maintained by my son and I. Although we'e from the Chicago metro area, this vehicle is currently residing in Brookings SD (Go Blizzard!). We had originally installed Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S tyres on the OE BBS 16"s. They're fine for 3 seasons but horrible in the winter weather. Therefore, after many years as a Blizzak fan, I thought we would try something new. So, I opted to "downsize" and bought a set of used OEM 15" alloy wheels, mounted the new Dunlop Winter MAXX tyres, set psi to 34 on them and hauled these in the trunk of our '11 "Etta" the Jetta to my son in SD.
Winter storm Cleon dumped about 7 inches of snow in Brookings a few days later. The difference was making it up the driveway or leaving the car parked in the street! Also, there are a lot of dirt roads in the area that turn into a mud-bath. The Dunlops are great in this slop too. Keep your kids safe and buy some winter tyres asap!
Thank you Tire Rack (I've been a customer for over 20yrs)...
Go #23 - Brookings Blizzard NAHL


Introducing the New Cost-Effective BBS SR!

Thursday, December 19, 2013 by Marshall Wisler

BBS is considered one of the leaders in wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. They are dedicated to pursuing the highest level of technology possible and then applying this experience to the street.

With the release of their new SR, BBS is creating quite a buzz with this new wheel. Featuring an anthracite painted finish, the wheel looks great and is a welcomed addition to the BBS line. Also, with a price point that is lower than other BBS options, a set of SR wheels is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle at a good price. For example, an 18x8" SR wheel for a 2011 BMW 3 Series costs $265*, that's less than half the cost of BBS' popular CH-R.

The BBS SR is offered in 16", 17" and 18" rim diameters and covers many of the popular bolt patterns on the market. It also has the following features:

  • Five Y-shaped spokes
  • One-piece, cast
  • Snap-in, exposed lugs
  • Center cap at no additional charge

Shop by vehicle to see if the new BBS SR is available for your application.

* Prices subject to change

Upgrade the Look of Your Ford Mustang with Ford Racing Wheels from Tire Rack

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 by Zig Ziegler

The quickest and easiest way to upgrade the look of your Mustang is to swap your factory wheels to an upgraded option from Ford Racing. Authentic Ford Racing wheels are developed by the Special Vehicle Team (SVT), which was founded in 1991 when Ford saw the need to investigate niche vehicle opportunities. The SVT division has continued with a strong presence within the Ford vehicle lineup, including the F-150 Raptor, Focus, Fiesta and Mustang.

Ford Racing wheels have been specifically designed for your Mustang and are offered in many cast and forged options. My favorites include the Boss 302R which is offered in a black painted finish and one-piece low pressure cast construction manufactured in a partnership with BBS. The Mustang GT Track Package in black painted finish also features a cast alloy construction. Finally, I enjoy the Mustang GT Forged wheel in light grey paint developed with a lightweight fully forged construction. The fully forged construction of the Mustang GT Forged wheel will not only upgrade the appearance of your Mustang, but also increase driveline and suspension responsiveness by reducing unsprung weight.

 Boss 302R
Boss 302R
 Mustang GT Track Package
Mustang GT Track Package
 Mustang GT Forged
Mustang GT Forged

To view all of the SVT Ford Racing wheels available for your Ford, be sure to shop by vehicle today!


BBS Quality Alloy Wheels

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 by Alex Mouroulis

BBS is a long-standing motorsport legend in wheel production. Since 1972, they've been one of the industry leaders in style and are very innovative in the aluminum wheel construction process. Some of their most notable motorsport victories include the 1979 24 Hours of LeMans, which they went on to win multiple times. They also won the 24 Hours of Daytona, as well as the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

Racing is one of the most strenuous test of a wheel's quality. Multiple podium finishes in 24-hour races are a testament to the fine construction of BBS' products. With over 30 years of success in motorsports, BBS can lay claim to be the wheel of champions. BBS has brought their motorsport development and technology to their road wheels. This technology from the racetrack can improve the quality of your own driving experience.


View all BBS wheels and see if one is a great match for your vehicle.

Make Your Tiguan a Star with the Right Wheels

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by Cy Chowattukunnel

Is the Golf too small and the Toureg too big for your liking? Many VW drivers have found the Tiguan to be just right. If you're looking for a compact SUV with decent handling, the Tiguan's a great option. Are you an owner of this vehicle, but not enthralled with the wheels? Well, maybe it's time for a wheel makeover. We've set up our Upgrade Garage so you can quickly narrow your focus and make the best selection for your vehicle. In the Upgrade Garage, you have the ability to:

  • See a complete fitment guide for your Tiguan
  • Easily switch between product category results
  • Save your vehicle for quick access
  • Add products to your Wish List
  • View your previous orders
  • Update your product surveys and reviews

To me, the Tiguan's overall styling is similar to a muscular Golf with a Passat's face. I would want a wheel that fits this characterization and goes well with Tiguan's Passat-style grille. Staying with the 17" Original Equipment size, I'd consider the 17x7.5 ET 35 machined with black accent Motegi Racing MR107, 17x7.5 ET 35 machined with black accent Zinik Z30 and the BBS CF in either bright silver or machine with anthracite accent. The "star" design on the Tiguan is a look I really like.

17x7.5 ET 35 Machined W/Black Accent Motegi Racing MR107 $132
17x7.5 ET 35 Machined with Black Accent Motegi Racing MR107 $132
17x7.5 ET 35 Machined W/Black Accent Zinik Z30 $125*
17x7.5 ET 35 Machined with Black Accent Zinik Z30 $125*
17x7.5 ET35 Bright Silver BBS CF $275*
17x7.5 ET 35 Bright Silver BBS CF
17x7.5 ET35 Machined with Anthracite Accent BBS CF $275*
17x7.5 ET 35 Machined with Anthracite Accent BBS CF $275*


What about you? Are you fan of the star design? If not, shop by vehicle and find the wheel that best fits your Tiguan's style.

*Prices subject to change

Completing Your Golf R - Summer Tires for the 2012 Golf R

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 by Cy Chowattukunnel

About a month ago we had the opportunity to test drive the 2012 VW GTI on the Tire Rack test track. This is one really nice car!

Maybe someday we'll get to test the best amongst all Golfs in my opinion: the 2012 VW Golf R. VW has gotten a lot of things right with the 2012 Golf R. First of all, the vehicle is only available with a 6-speed transmission. Next, they didn't go overboard with styling and just added some minor tweaks and subtle badging.

Volkswagen equipped the Golf R with Ultra High Performance All-Season tires as standard equipment. It'll either come with 225/40-18 Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season or 225/40-18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 A/S. For their category, each tire is a decent option. However, if you want ultimate grip for the ultimate Golf, take a look at some sticky summer tires. I'd look at both the Extreme Performance Summer and Max Performance Summer categories.

For a Max Performance Summer tire, I'd choose either the Michelin Pilot Super Sport or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2. The Pilot Super Sport performed well during our testing and feedback from drivers has been outstanding. Goodyear's internal testing on the Asymmetric 2 showed solid improvement over its predecessor and we'll be testing the tire in late June.

If you're going to be driving your Golf R in a spirited manner, go with the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11. I like RE-11 tires over others in the Extreme Performance Summer category for its above-average tread noise and ride compliance. It's non-directional tread design can also be rotated in an "X" pattern to maintain even wear. It's critical to maintain even wear to avoid the tread noise caused by irregular heel-and-toe wear.

225/40-18 Max Performance Summer Michelin Pilot Super Sport $226*
Michelin Pilot
Super Sport
225/40-18 Max Peformance Summer Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 $189*
Goodyear Eagle F1
Asymmetric 2

Bridgestone Potenza

What about wheels to go with your new tires? The Golf R wheels look a little like the Audi sport sedan wheels, and they seem a little out of place on the Golf R to me. If you opt for different wheels then you should stay with BBS. 

Mouseover Text Here
18x8 5-112 ET50 Bright Silver BBS CH
18x8 5-112 44ET Bright Silver BBS CK $375*
18x8 5-112 44ET Bright Silver BBS CK

Since your Golf R uses the indirect ABS-based TPMS sensors, there's no extra cost for the direct sensors that'll come with your Tire & Wheel Package. 225/40-18 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s on the BBS CH are $2,980*. 

*Price subject to change, excludes shipping

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Ecsta AST

Friday, May 18, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

The following post was created from content submitted via Tire Rack's consumer surveys. Information shown is the opinion of the consumer and meant to be used for comparison shopping purposes.

Kumho Ecsta ASTReviewer's Overall Rating: 6.18

1995 Mazda Miata M
More Tire Reviews for This Vehicle

Buy/More Info
Miles driven on tires: 15,000
Location: Chester, WV
Driving Condition: Spirited

Initial Review, 15,000 Miles on Tires
April 30, 2012

These tires were on my car and slightly used when I purchased it a year ago. About 12,000+ miles I've added. Dry traction is very good. My 95M Miata handles extremely well with these. Dry traction is very good. These tires loosen up quite a bit when wet. Actually just loose enough to make wet road driving alot of fun at about the speed limit on spirited scenic drives. If your up for that. They reject hydroplaning rather well. Was forced to drive all winter with these in nothern WV. They performed better than expected in the snow on a rear wheel drive vehicle, but you better be a good driver to avoid getting stuck. However, even my spouse could handle snow under 1 inch and plowed roads. We did burn up our rear tires in >3 mild months of winter, we contend with many hills to climb. And we did climb them in the snow with these tires all winter. I'd reconsider using these if being used on a true performance vehicle with muscle. My stock 95M Miata can spin them at will and powerslide with mildly spirited driving if just a little wet. Fun for me, but dangerous at higher speeds/horsepower. These are one of the very few all-season tires available for the stock 95M Miata BBS rims. 195/50 15. Upon an inspection today I did find an outward bulge the one of my sidwalls about 2" in diameter. QC may be an issue? Overall for the price, I'm quite pleased with the performance of these tires. Can't completely say how much of it is the car and how much is the tire. But these tires are giving me exactly what I expect from my Miata and I can afford to burn them up having a little having fun. Also, they look good enough. I'm buying 2 more rear tires. Zoom-Zoom

Note: these are directional tires

Dry Traction = very good+
Wet traction = ok, safe at moderate speeds, good highway, easily pushed to fun limit
Snow traction = just good enough
Hydroplaning rejection = very good
Braking = good

Enkei Racing PF01 Wheels. Thanks to MAT!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 by Gavin Carpenter
Last April, I discussed putting new wheels on my vehicle. After making my decision and driving the new setup for some time, I'm quite pleased with my selection. 

I went with the Enkei Racing PF01 for several reasons. First, is the brand's reputation. Several F1 teams, including the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team use them. For many SCCA and NASA members, as well as road-going folks, Enkei is synonymous with a low-cost, quality wheel. 

Second, is the strength of the wheel. Many of Enkei's wheels, including the PF01 and the RPF1 are gravity cast wheels and use Most Advanced Technology (MAT) in forming the rim of the wheel. I didn't come up with the name MAT, but "shaving the wheel weight while adding strength to the rim" turned out to be a messy acronym. Here in the Midwest, I encounter a variety of driving surfaces and have hit my fair share of potholes and they've proven to stay true, so far. Thanks MAT!

Finally, is the wheel's weight. There is a noticeable difference in weight from the factory 17" Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 on my stock 17" VW Denver wheels and that of the 18" Enkeis with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The 18" PF01 comes in at about a pound for every inch of diameter and the tires at 22 lbs. each, or roughly 40 lbs. per corner. My stock wheels weighed approximately 50 lbs. with tires. This gives me a huge loss in unsprung weight, giving me an advantage in handling and braking. The ride quality of the 18" setup is rougher than the stock 17", but then again, I put them on my GTI and not a Golf.

Developed for many fitments including certain Honda, Mazda and BMW models, the PF01 is available in the following finishes: 
Interested to see what the wheels look like on your vehicle, visit our Upgrade Garage.

Enkei Racing PF01 (Black w/ Mach Lip)
Mouseover Text Here
Enkei Racing (White w/ Mach Lip)

I also toyed with the idea of purchasing a nice set of BBS rims, the CH in particular, but the cost dissuaded me a little bit from going that route. So, what do you think about the Enkei rims? Please note this is a photo from our Upgrade Garage, as my car was in desperate need of a wash at the release of this post.

 2010 gti enkei pf01

Wheel Options Already Available for Fiat 500

Monday, June 27, 2011 by Marshall Wisler
For the first time in decades, Fiat has launched a hot new hatch for use in the States. The Fiat 500 and its various trim levels have hit select dealerships across the country and are already receiving aftermarket support.

Manufacturers such as BBS, Enkei, and O.Z. are supplying large amounts of aftermarket wheels that Tire Rack offers as guaranteed fitments. There are currently 40 wheel options for the Fiat 500, with many choices for the Lounge, Pop and Sport trims.

Enkei PF01
Enkei PF01
O.Z. Alleggerita HLT
O.Z. Alleggerita HLT
Shop by vehicle to find wheels that are a great match for your vehicle. 

HRE Wheels: Now Available at Tire Rack

Friday, May 13, 2011 by Ben Rooney
HRE P40LSpring is a great time for wheels. People are taking their fun cars out of storage, and taking the winter wheel and tire packages off of their daily drivers. Many wheel manufacturers introduce new designs, and Tire Rack often adds new brands to our line around this time of year. The most exciting addition to our lineup this year is HRE. 

Long considered a leader in custom wheel design, HRE has intensified its focus on engineering to make them a leader in quality as well as in style. It is great to be able to offer a world class, American made wheel at the top of our line, alongside the European powerhouses BBS and OZ Racing. 

While we keep many of the wheels that we sell in stock, most of the HRE wheels are built specifically to order. This usually means a 3-4 week lead time from the initial order to the shipment of the wheel package. With a little advance planning, these exceptional wheels will be well worth the wait.

View all of the HRE styles we carry and shop by vehicle.

New BBS Wheels

Monday, January 24, 2011 by Chad Hocker
BBS has introduced a new wheel that's now available at Tire Rack and maintains the high quality and build processes associated with the BBS wheels line. 

BBS CF Machined with Anthracite AccentBBS CF Bright Silver Paint

Available Sizes: 17, 18, 19
Center Cap: Included at No Charge
Finish: Bright Silver or Machined with Anthracite Accent

Check to see if these new BBS wheels will fit your vehicle.

See all BBS wheels.

How do I know which wheel has the best strength?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by Mac McNabb
Wheel manufacturing methods take you into metallurgy and methods of casting and forging. This information can be very helpful in selecting the right wheels for their intended purpose.

Steel Wheel

Method: Stamped sheet steel
Purpose: Simple winter and year-round driving in a touring driving style without aggressive driving
Limitations: Will not mount race tires or autocross tires, not safe for autocross or road racing

Gravity Cast Wheel

Method: Molten metal is poured into a cast and is forced into the mold via gravity
Purpose: Full spectrum use (touring, winter, semi-aggressive and mild autocross)
Limitations: None, but not as strong as high levels of cast or forged

Pressurized Cast Wheel (usually with surface treatment)

Method: Metal under pressure to help keep air bubbles out
Purpose: Standard touring to aggressive driving with racing included
Limitations: None, strongest of the cast
Example: Some O.Z. Racing, ASA, some BBS, moda

Forged Wheel

Method: Forced piece of metal, sometimes semi-molten into a mold
Purpose: Highest strength for the weight, so usually in extreme performance applications
Limitations: Your pocketbook.
Example: Some O.Z. Racing, some BBS

Does this all matter? Wheels are an aesthetic statement as much as a functional part of our vehicle, but since most of us do not race, a forged wheel, or even pressurized cast wheel that carries a higher price tag may not be necessary.

Choose which wheels you like on your vehicle. Pick two to three options and from there investigate which of your favorites are constructed using the best methods. Pick by look first if you are a casual driver; because for you and your all-season tires, construction won't really affect your daily commute.

If you are racing and spend significant time on the track, use this info to help determine which wheels will hold up for you at the limits.