O.Z. Racing Tuner System Wheels

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 by Neal O'Neal

Spring is here and what better time than now to outfit your vehicle with a set of O.Z. Racing Tuner System wheels. In 2006, Tire Rack became the North American distributor for O.Z. Racing wheels. This partnership includes O.Z. Racing's prestigious, custom 3-piece wheel program -- O.Z. Racing Tuner System. This program helps expand fitment limitations normally found with one-piece wheels. Additional brake clearance and maximum outer lip depth are just some of the benefits this system provides. Applications are available for many of the world's most exotic cars including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, as well as a wide variety of luxury and performance cars.

How does the process work? O.Z. Racing Tuner System's 3-piece wheel components -- wheel center, inner rim section and outer rim section -- are produced in the same facility, with the same machinery and using the same technology as F1 race wheels. Rim diameters are available in 18", 19", 20" and 22" with inner rim widths of 5.5" to 9.5" and outer rim widths of 1" to 4" possible. Tire Rack's complete, in-house inventory of all 3-piece wheel components means quick turn-around with assembled wheels shipping within 1-2 days of order receipt.

Precise wheel assembly is performed at Tire Rack using an exacting process that maintains and enhances the structural integrity originally built into each individual wheel component. O.Z. Racing Tuner System supplies a proprietary fastener specific to its 3-piece wheels to ensure the highest level of structural integrity. These fasteners alone do not guarantee a properly assembled wheel and tightening. Thus, Tire Rack uses a factory-certified Ingersoll Rand DC Electric Fastening System to tighten O.Z. Racing Tuner System's proprietary fasteners.

The assembly torque of these critical fasteners is controlled and repeatable to less than 1/2%. Tire Rack's fastening system produces traceable measurements of torque to spec every time. In fact, wheels custom-assembled at Tire Rack are shipped with a computerized print out that shows in detail the settings used to assemble each wheel. Proper torque (fasteners tightened to spec so they won't break or loosen) and run-out (radial and lateral roundness for vibration-free rides) are recorded.

Once assembled, each O.Z. Racing Tuner System 3-piece wheel gets a unique serial number noted on a sticker placed on the inside of the wheel near the valve stem.

New Muscle Car Wheels from Hurst and Hotchkis

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by Steve Huffman

Is it time for some new wheels for your Mustang, Camaro or Challenger? New for 2013, Tire Rack offers a great selection of Hurst and Hotchkis wheels for your American classic. In addition to these brands, we still offer American Racing wheels, which has always been a popular choice.

Hotchkis' Y-Sport is offered in a 20" rim diameter with two finish options, matte graphite silver and machined with matte graphite accent. It's also offered in 9" and 10" widths to give you the option to stagger the tire sizes. As a new wheel style that goes outside the muscle car 5-spoke style, it's aggressive looking to give your car some attitude.

If you prefer the classic 5-spoke style, Hotchkis offers the S-Sport. As a split-spoke design, the wheel looks great and will show off your Brembo brakes. The S-Sport comes in a 20" rim diameter and 8.5" and 9.5" widths. Two finish options provide drivers different styles to show off their car the way they want, machined with black accent and silver machined with clearcoat.

Last, but not least, is my favorite wheel, the Hurst Stunner New Version. Also available in a 20" rim diameter, the wheel's finish is machined with anthracite accent. For Mustangs and Challengers, it's available in 9" and 10" widths, and for the Camaro, it comes in 9" and 11" widths.

Hotchkis Y-Sport
Hotchkis Y-Sport
Hotchkis S-Sport
Hotchkis S-Sport
Hurst Stunner
Hurst Stunner New Version

Set your American muscle car apart from the rest by searching by vehicle to find the wheels available for your application.

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Primacy MXM4

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

The following post was created from content submitted via Tire Rack's consumer surveys. Information shown is the opinion of the consumer and meant to be used for comparison shopping purposes.

Michelin Primacy MXM4 Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.38

1956 Chevrolet Belair wagon
More Tire Reviews for This Vehicle

Buy/More Info
Miles driven on tires: 1,000
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 1,000 Miles on Tires
January 07, 2013

Before I start I will say that I have a unique car, 1956 Chevrolet Belair 9-passenger wagon. I have put a great deal of time, attention and money into making this car a aweet daily-driver over the last 3 years, including extensive suspension and brake work/upgrades. When I got the car 3 years ago I put new 17 inch BF Goodrich G-Force Sports and American Racing Torque Thrust II's on all 4 wheels (17x8). Although there was still tread left, after a certain wear level these tires began to drive and handle very badly. The tire needed to go. I did A LOT of research and price comparisions and selected the Michelin Primacy MXM4. I have to say I can not believe the positive difference these tires made in my car...Extraordinary! WAY better handling, and much lower noise level both while going down the road and over bumps with these. Road impacts are almost eliminated and the car is very sure footed. While these are quite wide they do mot tramline or follow irregular road surfaces at all as my previous tires did. (These Michelins are the exact same size as my previous tires) I notice a huge difference the entire time I am driving the car, better and quiter driving, stopping, steering as well as better straight-line stability and cornering on my heavy car. I am SO glad I got these. If you enjoy researching and comparing keep doing it, but If you want to be done making the best decision and start really enjoying your car do yourself a favor. Stop researching and get these tires. (They also look great on my car) Thanks and have a great day.


Tire Rack Consumer Review of the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2

Monday, October 1, 2012 by Tire Rack Consumer Reviews

The following post was created from content submitted via Tire Rack's consumer surveys. Information shown is the opinion of the consumer and meant to be used for comparison shopping purposes.

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.6

1965 Ford Mustang 5-Lug
More Tire Reviews for This Vehicle

Buy/More Info
Miles driven on tires: 200
Location: Newton, NC
Driving Condition: Average

Initial Review, 200 Miles on Tires
September 30, 2012

I installed these tires on my 1965 289 Mustang along with a new set of American Racing Torq Thrust chrome wheels. I have 225 45 ZR 17s on the front on 17x7 wheels and 235 45 ZR 17s on the rear on 17x8 wheels. What a huge difference over the 15x7 wheels and off-brand tires on the car before! The biggest difference I see is in the turn-in rate. These tires really turn quickly. The car also stops more quickly. And the ride is fantastic for a 17" tire. They are not harsh at all over bumps and on a recent 100-mile round trip where we drove on a 4-lane US highway, they rode so smoothly.
In addition to all of that, the price on these tires is very appealing. They also have a great sidewall appearance and tread appearance. And this may or may not matter to some of you but these tires take Armor All (and other such products) very well. They are as shiny as any tires I have ever seen. That is of great importance to me.
I have had BF Goodrich tires for many years and believe their quality is unbeatable for the price. They are especially well known for their high-performance image and that is a big reason I chose this tire for my Mustang. I like Michelin tires a lot and have them on my Cadillac and my wife's Kia but Michelin does not seem to fit the high-performance mold I desire in a tire for the Mustang.
So I would highly recommend these tires. I have a 2004 Corvette which still has its original tires but when and if I do have to replace them, I will DEFINITELY install the BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp 2 tires. You can't beat them on a high-performance car.
Thank you for reading this review.

American Racing Torq-Thrust Wheels Offer Many Options

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by Steve Huffman

Are you wanting to restore an old muscle car or just give it a new look? Look no further than an American icon, the American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels. These wheels are part of the company's Authentic Hot Rod Wheel Collection. In the late fifties, American Racing introduced the original magnesium five-spoke Torq Thrust. With its unique, tapered parabolic spoke design, it is considered by many to be the most famous wheel of all time.

If you're the owner of a Corvette, Camaro or Mustang, these classic wheels are timeless and will always be in style. With several different finishes available and sizes ranging between 14" and 20" in diameter, the Torq-Thrust offers you many options to customize your ride.

American Racing Torq-Thrust 2.1
American Racing Torq-Thrust 2.1
American Racing Torq-Thrust M
American Racing Torq-Thrust
American Racing Torq-Thrust D
American Racing Torq-Thrust

Take a look at the different Torq-Thrust options and find which style is right for your vehicle.

What Really is "One Lap of America?"

Thursday, May 17, 2012 by Tire Rack Motorsports

When I agreed to co-drive with Tire Rack sales specialist Joe Woodward in the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America, I had at least a basic understanding of what I was getting into. I knew that it was NOT what you think of when recalling Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett in the famous “Cannonball Run” movie. While that movie was a hilarious retelling of some of the antics of Brock Yates Sr. and his buddies during the original “Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash,” it is not what the modern One Lap of America is about.

On the surface, the event seems more than a little absurd. Eight days on the road, starting each day with up to four time-trial events on a famous (or not-so-famous) racetrack somewhere in the USA. Follow that with a transit stage sometimes exceeding 600 miles in a single day. Find a hotel near the next track, sleep a bit, and repeat the whole thing the next day. A week later you’re back where you started, with upwards of 3,300 miles having passed by in the interim.  The lowest total elapsed time during the time trials wins. In a nutshell, that’s it. But it doesn’t begin to tell the story of what competing in One Lap is all about.

This is an event that is defined by the people who participate in it. There have been famous race drivers, television celebrities, autocross national champions and plenty of regular people who want to do something unique. There are drivers who have competed in over 20 One Lap events, and people like me who are there for their first.

The sights of the event cannot soon be forgotten. The cars themselves attract a lot of attention, as they are often exotic, and covered in sponsor stickers. So you can get into a conversation with curious onlookers just about any time you get out of your car. You also get a chance to see our beautiful nation up close, in a way that is rare these days. Driving on two-lane blacktop with the top down through the Kansas and Oklahoma countryside, or the high plains of Colorado, or the rolling hills and wind farms of Iowa… there was so much to see.  And of course I haven’t even mentioned the fact that you get to drive on some of the best and most unique racetracks in the United States. In past years, One Lap has visited Daytona, Road America, Sebring, Mid Ohio, Nelson Ledges, Talladega, and many more. The event has always been about covering the full breadth of motorsports. On the very first day, we went from the Tire Rack test facility to a paved, walled 1/4-mile oval track, to a country club road course. All within a span of about 5 hours.

It’s impossible to participate in an event like this and not come away with a few stories to tell your friends. On our own drive, Joe and I managed to get stuck for an hour at a small-town gas station when the car refused to start. The next day, we broke an alternator retaining bolt, stranding us on the highway 25 miles from the race track where we were scheduled to compete that day. We were rescued by one of the competitors in our own class, who found the needed parts, brought them to us, and even helped to install them on the car. On a dark, lonely road on the way to Road America, I had to swerve to avoid a bear that ran in front of our car. We were both wide awake after that encounter. We tried to pay our previous favor forward, by arranging to get a set of wheels hand-delivered to another team that had the misfortune of breaking three wheels on their car. Sadly, that effort ended when the car went onto the track at Road America with the brand new wheels, only to have the motor fail catastrophically, ruining their chance at a class win. Such is the nature of an event like this. It can be cruel.

There’s plenty of friendly rivalry that takes place as well. Lots of jokes between the competitors about helping each other with questionable tire pressures or car set-up, or giving out obviously bad advice about the best way to navigate a particular race track. And of course plenty of practical jokes away from the track. It’s all in good fun.

At the center of all this since the beginning has been the mastermind of the event; Brock Yates, Sr. and more recently, his son Brock “Brocker” Yates, Jr.

Until this year.

Brock’s health has been declining, and this was the first time that he was unable to attend the event. Brocker gave a moving speech during the drivers’ meeting, which brought all in attendance to their feet in a lengthy standing ovation. Brock Yates’ contributions to this event, motorsports and motorsports journalism are legendary. He will be greatly missed, but these competitors know the true spirit of the event, and they will carry it forward.

In that spirit, many of the One Lap competitors use their competition to raise money and awareness for a wide variety of charities. Among those are organizations such as Make-a-Wish, Street Survival, Laps to Conquer MS, Zero-The Project to End Prostate Cancer, American Cancer Society, Fisher House Foundation, FasterCures, EvenStart for Children, KaleidoLinks and many more.

So in the end, One Lap of America is a driving and endurance competition. But it’s so much more. It’s getting to see our great nation, it’s meeting old friends, and making new ones. It’s getting to see people at their best, both in their driving, and in their desire to help their fellow competitors and others. It’s testing your own abilities in planning, car set-up, working under pressure and driving. It’s something that I’ll always be able to say that I was proud to be a part of.

Will I be back? I don’t know, life is tricky that way. But will I do it again if I have the chance? How could I not?

Weds Sport Wheels at Tire Rack

Thursday, February 16, 2012 by Alex Mouroulis
Weds Sport designs race inspired, super light alloy wheels. With a rich motorsport history that has proven to be highly successful in the JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship) series, these ultra-light street wheels contribute a race look while improving the performance of your sport import car. All the rims are engineered, developed and manufactured with space-age technology for Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan and VW cars. Here are a few Weds Sport styles we offer:
Weds Sport was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1965 as an automotive supplier to Nissan. In 1977, the company's Racing Forge was introduced as Japan's first 3-piece forged wheel. They opened their North American headquarters in 2008.
Take a look at all Weds Sport wheels we carry.

Boss 302S Wheels Available for Your 2005+ Ford Mustang

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 by Marshall Wisler
Ford Racing Boss 302S If you're looking to spice up your Mustang with a little bit of factory induced flair, take a look at the new Boss 302S wheel from Ford Racing.

The new Boss 302 has been heralded by many as the baddest Mustang ever built. With 444 horsepower on tap, a track-tuned suspension, aggressive Mustang rims (wheels) and tires and monstrous brakes, it's hard to find fault with these claims. Unfortunately, while the new Boss 302 may turn blazing fast lap times and turn heads while doing it, the cost for such pleasure is a staggering $45,000. No doubt still a tremendous performance bargain, but this price tag sadly puts it out of range for the large majority of buyers considering the purchase of America's iconic pony car.

Fear not, as parts exist to freshen up the pony already in your stable. Whether you own a 2005-2010 4.0L V6, 2005-2010 4.6L V8, 2011+ 3.7L V6 or a 2011+ 5.0, the new Boss 302S wheels are designed to fit all members of the S197 chassis team. Designed for use with Brembo brakes, these wheels will even fit the 2011+ 5.0L GTs equipped with the optional Brembo package and any 2007+ GT500. This truly is a versatile wheel that can be used with a large range of applications. What's more is these wheels can be used in a 19x9 at all four corners or with a 19x9 front and 19x10 rear stagger. 

So if you're in need of new Mustang wheels, search by vehicle to find the set that works best with this American legend. 

Michelin's Mr. Bib Visits Road Atlanta

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by Marshall Wisler
Recently, I was lucky enough to travel south from our Indiana headquarters to the famed Petit LeMans race held this year at Road Atlanta. For those of you that have never been to an American LeMans Series race, I highly recommend that you take a look at the 2012 events calender and plan accordingly. It's not often one gets to experience so closely the efforts put forth by the drivers, crews and their machines. 

BibDuring an excursion along the pit wall, I met several drivers, crew members and finally the iconic Mr. Bibendum. It appeared on this day that he wasn't fighting evil gas pumps or flinging tires onto cars skidding out of control, but rather showcasing the lessons learned from Michelin's racing programs.

As one of the premier tire suppliers to ALMS teams, Michelin had countless employees present to gather data and keep teams stocked with the Michelin performance tires they would need to keep their cars competitive over the 12-hour stint. Such an effort was very inspiring and made me appreciate the amount of testing and development that is continually applied to Michelin's full line of products. And they must be doing something right, as our performance tire reviews show the Michelin Pilot Super Sport as the top tire in its category.

Of course, we're not all lucky enough to drive race cars on famed circuits, or compete in endurance racing events. For some, the closest we may get is a lapping day with our weekend track toy. For others, a joyful Sunday drive might do the trick. Whatever the scenario, enjoy your time behind the wheel. 

To discover a top-notch driving experience, take a look at the Michelin car tires available at Tire Rack.

American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1

Monday, August 22, 2011 by Ben Rooney
If you areAmerican Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1 looking for a wheel for your older hot rod or muscle car, then the American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1 is definitely one to consider. Whereas most wheels that are being made today come in the higher offsets used by modern vehicles, the Torq-Thrust is available in the lower offsets needed by classic cars.  

The Torq-Thrust 2.1 comes in a polished aluminum finish. While a polished wheel does require some extra care and cleaning to retain its original shine, it will never peel, chip or bubble. And a polished wheel, when cared for properly, will provide a beautiful shine for years to come. 

For those looking to do a staggered tire fitment, the Torq-Thrust 2.1 does offer multiple widths in the 15" and 17" sizes, allowing for the use of wider rear tires.  

To check the availability of the Torq-Thrust 2.1 for your vehicle, click here and then enter your vehicle. We have not had all the classic cars in for fitment testing, so if you do not see your vehicle listed, contact one of our sales specialists for assistance.

HRE Wheels: Now Available at Tire Rack

Friday, May 13, 2011 by Ben Rooney
HRE P40LSpring is a great time for wheels. People are taking their fun cars out of storage, and taking the winter wheel and tire packages off of their daily drivers. Many wheel manufacturers introduce new designs, and Tire Rack often adds new brands to our line around this time of year. The most exciting addition to our lineup this year is HRE. 

Long considered a leader in custom wheel design, HRE has intensified its focus on engineering to make them a leader in quality as well as in style. It is great to be able to offer a world class, American made wheel at the top of our line, alongside the European powerhouses BBS and OZ Racing. 

While we keep many of the wheels that we sell in stock, most of the HRE wheels are built specifically to order. This usually means a 3-4 week lead time from the initial order to the shipment of the wheel package. With a little advance planning, these exceptional wheels will be well worth the wait.

View all of the HRE styles we carry and shop by vehicle.

American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5

Friday, March 11, 2011 by Chad Hocker
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5 wheels are exclusively available for many Corvette and Camaro models.
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5

American Racing Authentic Hot Rod MC5
Available Sizes: 17", 18", 19" and 20"
Finish: Chrome Plated

See if the MC5 or any other American Racing Authentic Hot Rod wheel fits your vehicle.

New American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Wheels

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by Chad Hocker
Take a look at the new American Racing Authentic Hot Rod wheels. Designed for hot rods of yesterday and today, the iconic five-spoked American "mags" still live on.
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Circuit Black Painted American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Circuit Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Circuit Black Painted
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Circuit Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Daytona Chrome Plated American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Daytona Machined w/Black Accent
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Daytona Chrome Plated
American Racing Authentic
Hot Rod Daytona Machined w/Black Accent

Enhance your vehicle's look with a Tire & Wheel Package available at Tire Rack.

American Racing Wheels

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Hunter Leffel
Tire Rack is excited to announce new wheel options from American Racing. With a brand that has been producing high quality products for over 50 years, trust American Racing to add some attitude to your car. With wheel diameters ranging from 16" to 22" and a wide range of bolt patterns, American Racing has many options available for your vehicle.

Dagger (Machined with Black Accent)

Dagger (Machined with Black Accent)

Dagger (Silver Machined with Clearcoat)

Dagger (Silver Machined with Clearcoat

Mainline (Machined with Black Accent)

Mainline (Machined with Black Accent)

New Wheels

Friday, January 21, 2011 by Gavin Carpenter

Enkei Classic Enkei92 (Gold w/Machined Lip)Winter is half over. Tax returns will be on their way, and some will have a little bonus in the mail from Uncle Sam. What to do with that little extra green? How about a new set of wheels from Tire Rack?

Springtime is the right time to put new wheels on your vehicle and give your car a fresh new look. 

Take a look at our new wheels from American RacingEnkei Performance Series, Enkei Racing SeriesEnkei Tuning Series, O.Z. Racing, MSW and Focal.  Don't miss or newest lines from Helo and the ultra-retro Enkei Classic wheels.  

Visit our Upgrade Garage to find a wheel that fits your vehicle.

How do I know which wheel has the best strength?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by Mac McNabb
Wheel manufacturing methods take you into metallurgy and methods of casting and forging. This information can be very helpful in selecting the right wheels for their intended purpose.

Steel Wheel

Method: Stamped sheet steel
Purpose: Simple winter and year-round driving in a touring driving style without aggressive driving
Limitations: Will not mount race tires or autocross tires, not safe for autocross or road racing

Gravity Cast Wheel

Method: Molten metal is poured into a cast and is forced into the mold via gravity
Purpose: Full spectrum use (touring, winter, semi-aggressive and mild autocross)
Limitations: None, but not as strong as high levels of cast or forged

Pressurized Cast Wheel (usually with surface treatment)

Method: Metal under pressure to help keep air bubbles out
Purpose: Standard touring to aggressive driving with racing included
Limitations: None, strongest of the cast
Example: Some O.Z. Racing, ASA, some BBS, moda

Forged Wheel

Method: Forced piece of metal, sometimes semi-molten into a mold
Purpose: Highest strength for the weight, so usually in extreme performance applications
Limitations: Your pocketbook.
Example: Some O.Z. Racing, some BBS

Does this all matter? Wheels are an aesthetic statement as much as a functional part of our vehicle, but since most of us do not race, a forged wheel, or even pressurized cast wheel that carries a higher price tag may not be necessary.

Choose which wheels you like on your vehicle. Pick two to three options and from there investigate which of your favorites are constructed using the best methods. Pick by look first if you are a casual driver; because for you and your all-season tires, construction won't really affect your daily commute.

If you are racing and spend significant time on the track, use this info to help determine which wheels will hold up for you at the limits.

Villian Wheels from American Racing

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 by Tire Rack Team
American Racing wheels were made for modern muscle cars, especially the Ford Shelby GT500 Coupe. It's a sleek, yet nostalgic vehicle that calls for an equally sleek wheel. One that looks modern, but fits its old-school attitude. In fact, American Racing defines today's muscle cars as "modern performance cars with attitude." And they create wheels based on that definition. Like the new Villian. It features a machined finish with black accents. And we think it looks perfect on the GT500.
If you drive a modern muscle car, check out Tire Rack's complete selection of American Racing wheels.

Shop by vehicle, or use our Upgrade Garage—it'll show you what the wheel looks right on your vehicle.

Villian and Santa Cruz: Two New American Racing Rims

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 by Tire Rack Team

If you're looking for Mustang rims, or rims for any modern muscle car, you just might be interested in two of Tire Rack's newest American Racing rims:
Villain (left) and Santa Cruz (right, also available with Chrome finish) wheels embody the aggressive, impressive and high-performance attitude found in every other American Racing wheel. The brand designs with staggered fitments, modern finishes and competitive characteristics in mind. Again, the perfect approach for today's modern muscle cars.

Use our Upgrade Garage to see exactly what these, and many other American Racing wheels, might look like on your vehicle. Or click here to see all of them at once.

C6 Corvette Tires and Wheels (Part 2: Wheels)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Brandon Lorenc
Wheels are just another name for Rims. Technically the Rim is just the outside edge section of the wheel that "touches" the tire. Among our most popular "rims" are American Racing Rims, Borbet Rims, OZ, and BBS. For the C6 Corvette, I like the lightest weight forged wheel that we sell in the stock, or Original Equipment 18 and 19 inch sizes. Those are the coveted BBS-GT, the Holy Grail of wheels. These are lightweight (21 lbs. front anf 23.5 lbs. rear) strong and beautiful looking wheels, especially in the Diamond Black Finish (also available in silver).

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Where have all the classic cars gone?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Mason Rush
I am often approached with the question: "Why can't I find more fitments for my muscle car or vintage automobile?"

The goal of Tire Rack is to provide products for all vehicle makes and models. However, due to the availability of the "classic" automobile/truck and the desired range of looks from vintage to heavily modified street machines, it is not feasible for Tire Rack to catalog all of these fitments. With the limited number of vintage cars now on the road and coupled with the geometric suspension changes over time, there is not a great deal of participation from the manufacturers that build wheels to match the engineering designs of the classic automobile. Thus, it places the vintage vehicle in the "custom" fitment which relies on the customer's expert knowledge and understanding of the requirements for proper fitment. 

Tire Rack's business model is designed around the concept of providing comprehensive understanding of your vehicle based on our engineering team's measurements. Thus, we do not rely on any other source for this information and build all of our fitments around the measured specifications. Once this information is gathered, our engineers then cross-reference the criteria of load capacity and speed ratings against the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. When considering the specifications of a vintage era automobile, there is very little documentation available. We then rely heavily on our customers to provide vehicles for us to measure proper fitment and match all of the products that meet the criteria for safety and engineering. 

When looking for your classic muscle car ... you might consider some of the American Racing Hot Rod Series:

American Racing T71R   American Racing Hopster   American Racing Torq Thrust M

And don't forget to dress those wheels properly.  Here are a few of the most popular tire choices for vintage hot rodders:

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500    BF Goodrich Radial T/A    Goodyear Eagle GT II