Review of Winter Tires for a Honda Civic

In "Best Winter Tires for Honda Civic" I discussed outfitting my 2014 Honda Civic Si with Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 winter tires and Sparco Terra wheels in preparation for the upcoming winter months. After our initial blast of winter in October and November, I really haven't had a chance to try this tire in a real-world winter environment, outside of our in-house testing. The initial winter blast didn't last long and I was still using my factory 225/40R18 Continental ContiProContact tires, which did not perform well at all.  

As expected, the Honda Civic with the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is handling the snow, ice and slush amazingly well. Downsizing to the narrower 205/55R16 size is paying off. When approaching slush or snow, you can feel the car and tire slice through the wintry mix with ease. Handling and braking do suffer a slight bit with the more narrow tire, but I opted for this size for winter use, not for ultimate handling and braking. The ability to brake, turn and accelerate in harsh winter weather provides a level of confidence and capability that really needs to be felt to appreciate.

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