Peace of Mind

Like many families, you may be planning a summer trip that involves packing up the car and possibly loading the pull behind camper or trailer. But after you have checked and adjusted the tire air pressure, how do you ensure that your trailer tires maintain the proper air pressure throughout your trip? Besides visually inspecting your trailer tires at gas...  Read More

Need a tire pressure monitoring system?

Tire pressure is crucial to vehicle performance and the life of your tires. If your tires don't have the correct pressure, you put yourself at risk for blowouts and incorrect wear. While tire pressure monitoring systems come standard on most new vehicles, it isn't the case with older models. Consider purchasing the Accutire External Retro-Fit TPMS from Tire...  Read More

Under Pressure!

Tire Rack is frequently asked the question...What pressure setting should I use on my new tires?The correct pressure settings for your vehicle can be referenced in the owner's manual or on the placard found inside the drivers door jamb. The information will provide a recommended cold temperature setting that is to be used regardless of the tire size...  Read More

Under Pressure

Most vehicle owners do not check tire pressure nearly enough. An American Automobile Association (AAA) poll suggests that 85 percent of motorists do not even know how to check tire pressure.The most important job a tire has is to support the load to which it is attached. Tires are rated to handle specific loads but only at a predetermined air pressure. By...  Read More

Have you heard about Accutire?

We all know that air pressure plays a key role in tire performance. We've all put change into the air pressure tanks at our local gas stations, and we've all used those clunky tire gauges to determine if air pressure is correct. Or, at least close to correct. And that's why we love Accutire...for its spot-on precision with every use. Some people set air...  Read More

Accutire a Cool new Digital Air Gauge

Just picked up the Accutire Digital Set Point Programmable Air Gauge and so far it's been a good buy. Compared to the older gauge I had been using this air gauge is pretty cool.  A few of the features I found helpful. Large easy to read numbers LED flashlight Fits perfectly in my hand 5 year warranty The LED flashlight and the blue backlit LCD screen came in...  Read More